“Skopje 2014″ Symbolizes FYROM’s Frustration


Causidis Skopje 2014 Symbolizes FYROM’s Frustration

Archaeologist and semiotics analyst, Nikos Čausidis* (professor at the UKIM university, Skopje) published a thoroughly descriptive and critical e-book about the “Skopje 2014” project. His work, modestly called by its author as an initial, not extensive, explanation of the disfunctionality of Skopje’s Centar, which is included in the “Proektot Skopje 2014″, is thoroughly aesthetic and functional, containing historical era-referencing aspects of Skopje’s overhaul.
“There is no common master plan that unites all the separate parts into one unified and meaningful whole,” Nikos Causidis writes in his e-book, “Skopje 2014 – Sketches for Future Research”, published last week.

“It has been made by piling up buildings based on… improvisation and petty daily interests,” Causidis maintains.


The author brilliantly criticizes the expensive urban cacophony, set on pseudohistorical themes, placed without historical reasoning.

Vladislav Perunović, correspondent from Skopje, FYROM

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