FYROM likely to lose recommendation for EU membership

Political Analysts point out a number of reasons why EU is losing Patience with FYROM

Political Analysts insist that just before the European Commission’s autumn report and the EU Summit in December, FYROM is not only getting further away from EU membership, but it is also getting increasingly possible to lose its recommendation for membership.

According to analysts, there are a number of reasons for these conclusions, but the the name issue is just one of them.

The country is now even further away from negotiations with Greece than before. Its a fact that we are not going to have a report on what happened in Parliament. We should also not forget that two new media laws will be adopted without honoring European recommendations as the EU, too, is losing patience. All of this is going to have an effect on the country and also on its citizens,” Alajdin Demiri explains in the Albanian Koha.

Another Analyst, Petar Arsovski, on the other hand believes that the name issue with Greece is not only holding European integration hostage, but has also moved other responsibilities and processes to the background.

He says, “There is a noticeable possibility for us to lose the EU recommendation that we have been issued for a few years. The country does not meet the Copenhagen criteria as the lack of will for resolution of the name issue made the other criteria appear worse and less auspicious for the country as well,” Arsovki says.

Analysts also underline  Gruevski’s latest statement. FYROM’s PM said recently that the failure to draft the 24 December events report is the main reason why FYROM may not be issued a recommendation this year. According to the analysts this shows that the government too has become aware of the danger and is trying now to shift responsibility onto someone else.

Demiri sees another message behind this statement. That is holding of early parliamentary elections with which the Government is going to defocus the public as a means to buy time.

The fact that PM Gruevski accepts for the first time that we are in danger of losing the EU status explains a reality for which he will try to seek responsibility with the opposition, or more specifically, Crvenkovski. Yet reality is worse and shows that it is not Crvenkovski who blocks the process but the Government,” Demiri adds.

Arsovski does not reject the possibility of holding early parliamentary elections either, yet he sees them as a wish of the Government considering only VMRO-DPMNE and BDI may benefit from them.


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