Political Indoctrination Of Children Aged 2-6 Years Old In FYROM


primary school fyrom Political Indoctrination Of Children Aged 2 6 Years Old In FYROM

Skopje, FYROM –   “Warrior on a horse”, Triumphal Arch and the Museum of wax figures will enter the educational program for children 2 to 6 years attending kindergarten ” Rade Jovčevski Korčagin ” in Centar. The activities within the educational program for education of children in the older preschool age , which in this way to enrich and refine children’s emotional world and the imagination .

The activities shall consist of visit to the city beach on river Vardar, and objects of “Skopje 2014″ will be seen through children’s eyes ” decided those how founded the program for visits of pre-school children of the monuments in the city center , representing the state ‘s past .

Moreover , in order to familiarize themselves with Skopje , children will visit one of the museums in the city center and kindergarten can choose whether it will be the Museum of the “Macedonian” [sic] Struggle , museum exhibition within the “Macedonian” [sic] National Theater or Museum of Mother Teresa.

by Vladislav Perunovic, AMAC forum

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