Former FYROM’s Interior Minister L. Frckovski : “Drop the Dilemma, We live in Dictatorship”

"There shouldn’t be any doubt whether we live in dictatorship" stressed FYROM's politician


frckovski ljubomir Former FYROMs Interior Minister L. Frckovski : Drop the Dilemma, We live in Dictatorship

Skopje, FYROM – Accusations against the opposition leader is a normal development of the dictatorship process in FYROM, stated  former Interior Minister Ljubomir Frckovski in “Fokus”. According to him, there shouldn’t be any doubt whether people in FYROM live in dictatorship.

Everything came into place. The publication of the government’s corrupted activities was portrayed as coup d’etat. We have a perversion in the system. How is it possible someone to be held responsible for ‘coup d’etat’ if he publically speaks that the government is corrupted?” said Frckovski.

 He added that Gruevski is taking advantage of the Government, the judiciary and now he threatens Zaev with criminal charges in public.

Frckovski also said that he expects the international community, which stands for European values, not to keep silent but to react.

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