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Albanian propaganda – Alexander the ‘Albanian’ Part III

Some Albanians ‘discovered’ last years the…’Albanian ancestry’ of Alexander. So every now and then we will witness cheerful Albanians signing in history forums and writing the text below. Lets analyze the text they made up. Quote: Sir William Woodthorpe Tarn, of the British Academy, regarded worldwide as having written the definitive work on Alexander the Great, states in the opening paragraph […]

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Albanian propaganda – Alexander the Albanian Part I

New Albanian “Proofs” about the… Albanian origins of Alexander exposed Quote: There are few places where Alexander the Great’s influence has not been felt. His vast empire spread from the Atlantic shores of Spain to the plains of India. His example has been admired and followed for generations to come, and his legacy has been deeply felt by the entire […]

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Albanian propaganda – Alexander the ‘Albanian’ Part II

This is in response of the new Albanian claims found on – Alexander the Great is Illyrian?. 1. ‘Women Warriors (P): A History’ By David E. Jones Firstly we should note David E. Jones is a cultural anthropologist as himself says therefore he has nothing to do with history. Anyway the quote Albanians used “In the land of Illyria (present-day […]

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