Category: Falsified ancient texts

FYROM Falsified Claim ‘The old racial rivalry of Greeks and Macedonians’

FYROM claim: Darius’ Greeks fought to thrust the Macedonians back into the water and save the day for their left wing, already in retreat, while the Macedonians, in their turn, with Alexander’s triumph plain before their eyes, were determined to equal his success and not forfeit the proud title of invincible, hitherto universally bestowed upon them. The fight was further […]

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FYROM Falsified Claim ‘Thessalia was the northern region of ancient Greece’

Propagandists of FYROM tend to provide a falsified version of ancient sources like Strabo’s. In particular the quote taken out of context they provide is: The Thessalians in particular wore long robes, probably because they of all the Greeks lived in the most northerly and coldest region. Strabo[11.14.12]. This quote is used by skopjans as a ‘proof’ of the alleged non-greekness of […]

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