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Modern Linguists about Macedonia – Olivier Masson

For a long while Macedonian onomastics, which we know relatively well thanks to history, literary authors, and epigraphy, has played a considerable role in the discussion. In our view the Greek character of most names is obvious and it is difficult to think of a Hellenization due to wholesale borrowing. ‘Ptolemaios’ is attested as early as Homer, ‘Ale3avdros’ occurs next […]

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The religion of ancient Macedonians

Ancient Macedonians worshipped the same gods as the rest of Hellenes. Despite of the claims of the pseudo-historians of FYROM that ancient Macedonians didnt shared the same gods as the other Hellenes, the evidences from ancient and modern writers are obvious. – According to Ulrich Wilcken: “yet if we take into account the political conditions, religion and morals of the […]

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