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Modern Historians about Macedonia – Michael Wood

Long long ago, before the days of Islam, Sikander e Aazem came to India. The Two Horned one whom you British people call Alexander the Great. He conquered the world, and was a very great man, brave and dauntless and generous to his followers. When he left to go back to Greece, some of his men did not wish to […]

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Greeks in Pelagonia area

Greeks in Pelagonia area     Christos D. Katsetos M.D., Ph.D., MRCPath Drexel University College of Medicine St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – In my view, the delineation of a Greek minority Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) is integrally linked to the sense of identity of generations of descendants of Hellenic Vlachs (Kutzovlachs and Arvanitovlachs) of Pelagonia (and […]

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The terms “Greeks” and “Hellenes”

“Though the words ‘Hellenism’, ‘Hellenic’, ‘Hellenes’, ‘Hellas’ are less familiar than the words ‘Greece’ and ‘Greek’ to the English-speaking public, they have two advantages. They are not misleading; and they are the words which, in the Greek language, the Hellenes themselves used to designate their civilization, their world, and themselves. ‘Hellas’ seems originally to have been the name of the […]

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