Category: Medieval Macedonian History

Byzantine sources about the greekness of Medieval Macedonia

Quote: “…these mountains [the Pindos Mountain-range near Kasto- ria] were the limits between the [despotate of] `Old and New Epeiros’, and our Hellenic lands.” <Georgios Akropolitis, `Annales’, Patrologia Graecae, vol.140 col: 1196a (80)> Quote: “So, I am down here among Bulgarians, a true Constanti- noupolitan, a foreign body, living like a Bulgarian…” <Theophylactos of Ohrid, “To the Despoina Lady Maria […]

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Sources on St Cyril and Methodius Greek Ethnicity

All neutral sources mention that the two brothers had Greek names (we are keeping in mind Cyril was baptised as konstantinos), they were members of a noble family, their father Leon was a Greek military man and their mother of slavic background. Furthermore both brothers were born in Thessaloniki, were educated in Konstantinople where they took a highly Byzantine education […]

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