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Modern historians about Macedonia – N.G.L Hammond

Quote: The strand in his[Alexander] personality which needs to be emphasised in his religious faith. Since childhood he had worshipped Heracles Patrous, the son of Zeus and a mortal woman and through his mother he was descended from Achilles, son of the goddess Thetis and a mortal Peleus. In his mother’s veins there was also the blood of a son […]

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Modern historians about Macedonia – Richard Stoneman

Quote: The world he [Alexander] left behind him, split as it quickly was between several successor-kings, retained the Greek language as its medium of communication and Greek culture as its frame of reference. “Alexander the Great” By Richard Stoneman, page 1 Quote: When, as a young, ambitious and romantic youth with a genius for military strategy and tactics, he embarked […]

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Modern historians about Macedonia – Robin Lane Fox

Robin Lane Fox – “Alexander the Great” “he was still in a world of Greek gods and sacrifices, of Greek plays and Greek language,though the natives might speak Greek with a northern accent which hardened ‘ch’ into ‘g’,’th’ into ‘d’ and pronounced King Philip as Bilip“. Page 30. “Philip’s mother had been a Lyncestian noblewoman” – “rebellious kings of Lyncestis […]

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