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12 Years of a Ultra-Totalitarian FYROMian Law

ZAKON ZA NAUČNO-ISTRAŽUVAČKATA DEJNOST (Služben vesnik na RM 13/96 od 15 mart 1996 god.) LAW FOR THE SCIENTIFIC-EXPLORING ACTIVITY (The Official magazine of RM 13/96 from 15th of March 1996 ye.) The organized private research of history is forbidden: Člen 16 Odobrenieto može da se dade za site oblasti opredeleni kako javen interes vo naučno-istražuvačkata dejnost, osven za naučnite istražuvanja […]

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New Racist Delirium by Academic in FYROM against Greeks

Everyday we are becoming witnesses of more extreme examples of FYROM’s Ultra-Nationalism. Unfortunately this aggressive form of ultra-nationalism is strongly influnced by Racist ideologies and these people simply cant hide it. A reader of our blog today, sent us an interesting mail and informed us about the following: “This is a brief article in the “Spic” daily, entitled “Crna Atina” (“Black Athena”) written by Dorde Marjanovic, professor emeritus of […]

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