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Doko Slijepčević, “The Macedonian Question”, Chicago 1958

The monograph “The Macedonian Question” by the exiled Serbian historian and Germanist Đoko Slijepčević, published in 1958 in Chicago represents a classic synthesis of historical and ethnological aspects of Slavic identity in Povardarje, with emphasis on its Serbian aspect which is often neglected in modern-day discourse due to the far greater quantity of Bulgarian and Pseudomacedonian publications in English language […]

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South Slavic Union

Τα μεγάλα όνειρα τον φίλων μας Σέρβων και Βουλγαρων που πρέπει να μας ανησυχούν όλους   South Slavic Union From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The South Slavic Union was a late 19th to early 20th century idea of a federation encompassing all South Slavic states. [edit] History Following the weakening of the Ottoman Empire prior to World War I, Serbia […]

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