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Prof. Dr Ivan Kochev – Sofia University, newspaper “Kontinent” – 17.10.1997

Quote It [Macedonian language] has not created by natural means, as all other languages in the world, but was created by political circumstances. It is an absurd, that it was created on a certain date – namely August 2nd, 1944, and at certain place – the monastery “Prohor Pchinski”, with a decree. Such an event has not happened to any […]

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Linguist Vladimir I. Georgiev “Introduction to the History of the Indo-European Languages”

“……….the nucleus of the Macedonian vocabulary consists of words which have exact correspondence in Greek.The importance of these words and the archaic phonological character of Macedonian lead to the conclusion that these are not borrowings but inherited words: this fact is confirmed by the genetic unity of Macedonian and Greek. Moreover, the numerous lexical and phonological isoglosses in Macedonian and […]

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