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Time Magazine Archives smash Fyrom’s propaganda

What was going on? The Greek Governor General of Macedonia [USE OF TERM “MACEDONIA” BY THE GREEK STATE PRIOR TO 1989 – ONE MORE LIE FROM FYROM EXPOSED] said that no refugees were streaming into Yugoslavia, charged that Slav terrorists were raiding Greek villages. From Rome the Chicago Daily News’s Balkan-wise Leigh White cabled: Marshal Tito had apparently launched his […]

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Time magazine article January 9, 1950 refutes FYROM’s propaganda about the Greek abducted Children “Deca Begaltsi”

We continue exposing the shameless falsification of history from FYROM’s propagandists about the Greek abducted children, during Greek civil war. We already saw till now the testimony of Irene Damopoulou, a self-witness herself, speaking about the hardships experienced by these Greek children!! From the article “Innocent’s Day” by Time Magazine on January 9, 1950,9171,811653-1,00.html Peace had come to battered, impoverished Greece; […]

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