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One of these was a Macedonian prince, Philip who spent three years, in Thebes while in his teens, absorbing much statecraft and military strategy from Epaminodas. The Macedonians were backward Greeks but their ruling class was eager to absorb greek Culture

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In 350 BCE Philip of Macedonia UNITED Greece under Macedonian rule. His son Alexander, surnamed the Great, in turn CONQUERED the entire Persian empire UNITING GREECE with the Ancient Near east.

“Understanding Jewish History: Text and Commentaries” By Steven Bayme, page 50


This was Macedonia in the strict sense, the land where settled immigrants of Greek stock later to be called Macedonians

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Macedonia (or Macedon) was an ancient, somewhat backward kingdom in northen Greece. Its emergence as a Hellenic power was due to a resourceful king, Philip II (359-336), whose career has been unjustly overshadowed by the deeds of his son, Alexander the Great”.

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