Indisputable Evidence of FYROM’s Slavs being originally Bulgarians

Invitation from the central Bulgarian revolutionary commitee BMPO to all Bulgars in Skopje….

Translation:”YOU, Bulgarian, in the name of the patriotism, freedom and saving your life, pay to the bearer of this invitation the sum of … “

See Bulgarian “SVOBODA”

[url=]Documents related to the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization. Goce Delcev, Dame Gruev, oath of Vmro and more.[/url]

Bulgarian Ilinden flag (See Bulgarian “Svoboda”):

 The Pseudomacedonian Bulgarian ILINDEN!

[url=]eBay: 1926 Macedonia Book Ilinden (Artikel 110058638780 endet 28.11.06 16:37:09 MEZ)[/url]

The FYROMIAN Bulgar Kultura ! Revolucionary flag made it in Struga – an unique example of sacrificied of woman for freedom See Bulgarian “Svoboda”

[url=]EKP Gallery: d-r Dusko Konstantinov[/url]

 See Bulgarian VMRO(BMPO) 1924


VMRO BLACK MAIL VOUCHER.RRR – With signed by Todor Aleksandrov, a member of the IMRO Central Committee, [url=]eBay: BULGARIA/MACEDONIA 20000 LEVA 1924 VMRO BLACK MAIL VOUC (Artikel 120068973913 endet 03.01.07 19:12:33 MEZ)[/url]

1932 Macedonia Share in VMRO Financial Org Share from 1932 for endow in the VMRO financiail organization ” Committee of peoples stock capital”. [url=]1932 Macedonia Share in VMRO Financial Org in > Documents > Paper Antiques, Postcards, Posters, War, World war, Militaria, PCs, Collectible, Collectibles, WWII, WWI, WW1, historical, artifacts, authentic, rare, originals, Gallery, Ancient, Shop, Item[/url]

BMPO !See SVOBODA(Bulgarian language)! Not “Sloboda” 


BMRO was first established in 1893 under the name of Bulgarian Macedono-Odrin Revolutionary Organisation(BMPO). See in BULGARIAN language “Svoboda”:


 Ilinden Bulgarians revolutionary and Military! 


Bulgarski Krushevo Republic!

[url=]Bash Bugarash Gallery (Krushevo2.jpg)[/url] Bulgarians in Bitola!

 [url=]Bash Bugarash Gallery (posreshtane_bgcheti_bitolja_mladoturskarevol.jpg)[/url] Bulgarians in Strumica! [url=]Bash Bugarash Gallery (pechat_i_blanka-strumica.jpg)[/url] Bulgarians in Kumanovo 1908!

 The Bulgarian society in Skopje

 The Bulgarian society in Veles

 Bulgarian municipality – Prilep

 Theophylacti Bulgariae archiepiscopi In omnes divi Pauli apostoli epistolas enarrationes THEOPHYLACTUS, arcivescovo di Ochrida

[url=]Biblioteca comunale di Empoli – Catalogo delle edizioni del Cinquecento – Scheda 785[/url] [url=]Biblioteca comunale di Empoli – Catalogo delle edizioni del Cinquecento – Frontespizio 785[/url] Theophylacti archiepiscopi Bulgariae In quator Evangelia enarrationes THEOPHYLACTUS, arcivescovo di Ochrida [url=]Biblioteca comunale di Empoli – Catalogo delle edizioni del Cinquecento – Scheda 652[/url] [url=]Biblioteca comunale di Empoli – Catalogo delle edizioni del Cinquecento – Frontespizio 652[/url]

 [B]they will ask if we are not thinking of creating a new Macedonian nation[/B]. [B]Such a thing would be ARTIFICIAL AND SHORT-LIVED[/B].

Krste Misirkov: “Many people will want to know what sort of national separatism we are concerned with; they will ask if we are not thinking of creating a new Macedonian nation. Such a thing would be artificial and short-lived. And, anyway, what sort of new Macedonian nation can this be when we and our fathers and grandfathers and great-grandfathers have always been called Bulgarians? Have the Macedonians in their history ever found any outward form of spiritual and political expression? What have been their relations to the other Balkan nations and vice versa?

[url=]Krste Misirkov – On Macedonian Matters – Can Macedonia turn itself into a separate ethnographical and political unit? Has it already done so? Is it doing so now?[/url]

Some villages have Serbian schools and some have Bulgarian schools. “ the towns Serbian schools can be found alongside the Bulgarian boys’ and girls’ elementary and grammar schools. [B]Some villages have Serbian schools and some have Bulgarian schools. [/B]Some villagers, along with their teachers and priests, recognize the Patriarchate and come under the protection of the Serbian or Greek consul, while others recognize the Bulgarian Exarchate and place themselves under the authority of the Bulgarian trade representatives.

-Misirkov Krste “what is the Macedonian Slav nation? [B][U]Macedonian as a nationality has never existed, they will say, and it does not exist now. There have always been two Slav nationalities in Macedonia: Bulgarian and Serbian[/U][/B]. So, any kind of Macedonian Slav national revival is simply the empty concern of a number of fantasists who have no concept of South Slav history.”

-Misirkov Krste “It was upon their initiative that in the eighteen nineties [B]a nationalist-SEPARATIST movement was first formed with the aim of DIVORCING Macedonian interests from those of Bulgaria[/B] by introducing a Macedonian tongue which would serve as the literary language of all Macedonians.”

Misirkov Krste, “On Macedonian matters” MISIRKOV:”[B]We are Bulgarian more than the Bulgarians in Bulgaria. The population of Skopje is pure Bulgarian. “Our fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers have always been called Bulgarians[/B]”

-Krste Misirkov but what can we possibly do [B]when we ourselves are Bulgarians [/B]…….

Text of Delcev’s letter to Nikola Maleshevski:[B]WE ARE BULGARIANS[/B]! “[I]Sofia, 01.05.1899, Kolyo, … May the dissents and cleavages not frighten you. It is really a pity, but what can we possibly do when we ourselves are Bulgarians and all suffer from the same disease! If this disease had not existed in our forefathers who passed it on to us, we wouldn’t have fallen under the ugly sceptre of the Turkish sultans[/I]…”

 We are Bulgarians and we always work and will work for the unification of the Bulgariandom.” –Dame Gruev (Director of the Bulgarian school in Stip). „@N EXCERPT FROM THE MEMORANDUM SENT TO THE BULGARIAN GOVERNMENT BY THE ILINDEN UPRISING’S LEADERS ” Considering the critical and terrible situation that [B]the Bulgarian population of the Bitola Vilayet[/B] found itself in and following the ravages and cruelties done by the Turkish troops and irregulars, … considering the fact that everything Bulgarian runs the risk of perishing and disappearing without a trace because of violence, hunger, and the upcoming misery, the Head Quarters finds it to be its obligation to draw the attention of the respected Bulgarian government [B]to the pernicious consequences vis-a-vis the Bulgarian nation, in case the latter does not fulfill its duty towards its brethren of race here [/B]in an imposing fashion which is necessary by virtue of the present ordeal [B]for the common Bulgarian Fatherland[/B]… …Being in command of our people’s movement, we appeal to you [B]on behalf of the enslaved Bulgarian to help him in the most effective way[/B] – by waging war.We believe that the response of the people in free Bulgaria will be the same. … No bulgarian school is opened, neither will it be opened… Nobody thinks of education when he is outlawed by the state because[B] he bears the name Bulgar… [/B]Waiting for your patriotic intervention, we are pleased to inform you that we have in our disposition the armed forces we have spared by now.

The Head Quarters of the Ilinden Uprising” Damian GRUEV, Boris SARAFOV, Atanas LOZANTCHEV

Bulgarian komitatji Todor Aleksandrov!:WE ARE BULGARS

 “ Respected representatives of the Bulgarian people, …. Here is a excerpt from a letter written in 1861 by the people of Ohrid in protest to the arbitrariness of the Greek metropolite Meletius in which they insist on the restoration of the Ohrid Archbishopric closed back in 1767. ” Respected representatives of the Bulgarian people, The undersigned inhabitants of Justiniana Prima or Ohrid, after seeing, on one hand, that regardless of all our hopes our common mother, the Great Church of Christ, did not pay attention to the petitions submitted to Her one after another in which we kindly beg Her to change Metropolite Meletius appointed against our will and requests, and ,on the other hand, informed that all our Bulgarian people is indignant with the same at the Great Church of Chris, considered it our inevitable duty to appoint you and recognize you, in accordance with our people, as our plenipotentiary representatives so you can petition, in the kindest fashion, the Sublime Porte to hear our our requests and deliver us from the arbitrariness of the Greek clergy by affirming the restoration of an autocephalous archbishopric of Ohridian Prima Justiniana and all Bulgaria….

April 9th, 1861 Prima Justiniana or Ohrid There are no ‘Macedonians’. There are Bulgars! “Let me begin by correcting an almost universal fallacy. There are no ‘Macedonians’. There are Bulgars. There are Roumans – the relics of the Latin-speaking provincials of Rome’s Illyrian provinces, who still hold their own in the Pindus range and in the neighboring towns. There are Greeks, including more or less superficially Hellenized Roumans. There are ‘Turks,’ including Mohammedan Bulgarians, and some true Turkish villages in the Vardar valley representing a settlement earlier than the Ottoman conquest. There is an infusion of Skipetars or Albanians on the western and northern fringe. Finally, there is the large Spanish Jew population in Salonika. But there are no ‘Macedonians’.” Sir Arthur J. Evans. English archaeologist.London Times, on September 30, 1903 STALIN:That a Macedonian consciousness has not yet developed among the population is of no account. Otecestven Vestnik (Sofia daily), 19 June 1991 STALIN TO BULGARIAN DELEGATION (G. Dimitrov, V. Kolarov, T. Kostov) The Kremlin, 7 June 1946 Cultural autonomy must be granted to Pirin Macedonia within the framework of Bulgaria. Tito has shown himself more flexible than you – possibly because he lives in a multiethnic state and has had to give equal rights to the various peoples. Autonomy will be the first step towards the unification of Macedonia, but in view of the present situation there should be no hurry on this matter. Otherwise, in the eyes of the Macedonian people the whole mission of achieving Macedonian autonomy will remain with Tito and you will get the criticism. You seem to be afraid of Kimon Georgiev, you have involved yourselves too much with him and do not want to give autonomy to Pirin Macedonia. That a Macedonian consciousness has not yet developed among the population is of no account. No such consciousness existed in Byelorussia either when we proclaimed it a Soviet Republic. However, later it was shown that a Byelorussian people did in fact exist. … creation of a “Socialist Republic of Macedonia” with Skopje as capital is only a sad farce.

Dear Sir, The magazine HISTORIA has just provided me with the very beautiful book that you so kindly sent me. I have first of all admired the presentation and then was struck by its contents. Your thesis is brilliant. [B]The Macedonians are and have always been Greeks, and the creation of a “Socialist Republic of Macedonia” with Skopje as capital is only a sad farce.[/B] I will not miss, when the opportunity arises, to pass this on. In thanking you for having so kindly sent me your book, which has interested me even more, having myself written many works on Byzantium, I beg you to believe, dear Sir, by best feelings.


[B]Gligorov or Gligoroff in Skopje 1942:WE ARE BULGARS ![/B]

The referred Slavs were only “Serbian” and “Bulgarian” The deliberately misleading use of the terms “Macedonians” and “Slavs” is exposed by two irrefutable Turkish documents. One is a population census of 1905, published by an Italian firm and the other is an election announcement of 1912 from Monastir (now Bitolj), which describes the candidates as Turks, Greeks, and Bulgarians. There was no such thing as “Macedonian” nationality during the Turkish period either. The referred Slavs were only “Serbian” and “Bulgarian” (see Document No 10). [url=]Nikolaos Martis: MACEDONIA[/url]

Ohrid:”Shepherd of the Bulgarians, remember the ruler Andronicos Palleologus, when sacrificing”. Shroud, XIII c. Ochrid Presented by the Emperor Andronicos II Palleologus (1282-1328) to the Ochrid Archbishop, inscribed with gold fibers: “[B]Shepherd of the Bulgarians[/B], remember the ruler Andronicos Palleologus, when sacrificing”. (National Museum of History, Sofia)

 USKUB 1915:

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