Skopjan propaganda # 8,”Tito created the Macedonian Nation”

This article is an answer to the article entitled BIG Greek Lie # 8 by Mr Risto Stefov

The truth is Tito did not create the Macedonian nation. Tito recognized and accepted the existence of a Macedonian ethnicity within his own country, Yugoslavia by adding Bulgarians and Serbians Macedonians.

I agree with the not creation. Your nation was before Tito. But not with your meaning that you want to show as via your un-historical articles.

Tito made his policy. And the policy was the creation of the Balkan League. To succeded this must broke up any connections with the monarchfasim (as called it). The two biggest enemy were the Serbs and the Greeks. He had Succeeded only the first.

On August 2, 1945 general Vukmanovic, (one for the leaders of the Balkan League and right hand of Tito) declared in a speech in front of a crowd in Skopje:
“Comrades, you know very well that there is a part of the Macedonia npeople which is still enslaved [sic]. We must openly state this case.
We are not the only ones to do this; there are tens of thousands of Macedonian men and women who suffer and mourn today under the yoke of the Greek monarcho-fascist bands.”[Bulletin(Skopje) Aug 10,1945]

Who was this General? Certainly not a Macedonian. Explain to your people who is that man.

Why in your country until 1992 the school books show the name People Republic of Macedonian when in the Serbian Republic in the related book the kids teached the Vardaska Banovina?

The Greeks communists thought that with the help of Commitern would be create a new state under the Marshal commanders. In your mentioned link you have a lot of documents by the Communist newspaper Rizospastes.

Why do you love these guys to much?

Why Markos Vafiadis(Genrerala Marcosa) with Tito in your country are
the only given foreign names in the streets e.t.c ?

The next foreigners will be the Mathew Nimitz as the other US UNenvoy

Of course Mr Risto Stefov never answered in my questions. Not only mine but and from others Greeks in the

By Akritas