Modern Historians about Macedonia - Charles Gates


Philip II came to power in Macedonia in 359 BC. Althought speaking a dialect of Greek, the Macedonians lay on the fringes of Greek culture and had contributed little to Greek political, socio-economic and artistic life. Philip II was a different mettle from his predecessors. Strengthening Macedonia through military reforms, he eventually challenged the city-states to teh south, including Athens, and defeated them at the Battle fo Chaeronea in 338 BC. Two years later, while prepareing to lead the COMBINED Macedonian and Greek forces eastwards agains the Persian empire, e was assasinated.

“Ancient Cities” By Charles Gates, page 259


With Alexander’s conquests, West Asia and Egypt were brought into the fold of Greek culture. The newly formed Greek kingdoms of the Hellenistic period would be much influenced, however, by the Near Easter and Egyptian cultures they were now controlling.

“Ancient Cities” By Charles Gates, page 260