Albanian propaganda – Alexander the ‘Albanian’ Part III

Some Albanians ‘discovered’ last years the…’Albanian ancestry’ of Alexander. So every now and then we will witness cheerful Albanians signing in history forums and writing the text below.

Lets analyze the text they made up.


Sir William Woodthorpe Tarn, of the British Academy, regarded worldwide as having written the definitive work on Alexander the Great, states in the opening paragraph of his book “Alexander the Great” that “Alexander certainly had from his father (Philip II) and probably from his mother (Olymbia) Illyrian, i.e. Albanian, blood!”*

Error #1. On the contrary Tarn isnt regarded as “having written the definitive work on Alexander the Great”. W.W Tarn wrote his book in 1948. Until then, Alexander’s biographies were only a few. Since then lots more better documented biographies about Alexander have been written, we have huge archaeological discoveries (Vergina tombs, Pella Katadesmos, molossian decrees etc) which certainly change perspectives about Alexander and ancient Macedonian history in general. Hence, Tarn’s claims are considered from modern historians ‘outdated’ and non-valid.


During Rose Wilder Lane’s visit to Albania in 1921 resulting in the publication in1923 of her book Peaks of Shala, she heard the following rather extraordinary rendition of Albanian oral history about Alexander the Great from an Albanian elder:
“There was at that time two capitals of the united kingdom of Macedonia. There was Pela, between Salonika and Manastir, and there was Emadhija**, the old capital, lying in the valley which is now Mati (a high, fertile plateau north of Shkodra, near the coast of northern Albania – ED).
“Alexander’s father, Filip the Second had great houses in both Pela and Emadhija, and before Lec i Madhe was born, his mother left Pela and came back to the original capital, Emadhija. It was there that Lec i Madhe was born, and there he lived until he was out of the cradle and rode on a horse when he first went down into Pela to see his father who came from the city to meet and see his son for the first time.

Error #2 Rose Wilder Lane was a.. fiction-novel writer. She is totally unrelated with history. The argument ‘One Albanian grandpa heard from his own grandpas a folkstory’ doesnt stand anywhere in historian community as having anything valid!!!


“Filip the Second was very proud of his son, and his pride led him to the one great foolishness of a good and wise king. He said that he would make Lec i Madhe king of the world, and that was well enough, but he thought to be king of the world a man must be more learned than he himself. Whereas all old men who have watched the ways of the world know that to be strong and ruthless will make a man powerful, but to be learned makes a man full of dreams and hesitations.

“In his pride and blindness, Filip the Second sent to Greece for an Albanian who had learned the ways of the ancien Greeks, and to that man he gave the boy, to be taught books. (The Albanian’s) name was Aristotle, and he came from a family of the tribe of Ajeropi, his father having gone to a village in Macedonia and became a merchant there. Being rich, he sent his son, who was fond of thought rather than of action, to learn the ancient Greek ways of thinking. And it was this man who was brought by Filip the Second to teach his son.”***

Error #3. Aristoteles was son of Nicomachos and Phaestis. Nicomachos was the court physician of Amyntas III, king of Macedonia, father of Philip II and grandfather of Alexander the Great. The family of Nicomachos traced its descent from Asclepieus. Aristoteles’ mother, Phaestis came from a Chalcidean family also associated with the Ascleipiadae in Chalcis on Euboea, where she owned an ancestral estate. (Dionys. De Demosth. et Arist. 5) Aristoteles lost his father before he had attained his 17th year and he was intrusted to the guardianship of one Proxenus of Atarneus who was settled in Stagira. When he reached his 17th, Aristoteles went to Athens where he became a pupil of Plato.

Now back to his birthplace Stageira. Stageira was an ancient greek city that was founded by settlers coming from Chalkis and Andros hence the ancestry of Aristoteles from Chalkis. Albanians’ claims about Aristotle should be taken only as a bad-tasted joke!


P 1, ALEXANDER THE GREAT, W.W. Tarn, Beacon Press, Boston, 1956
“Emadhija” means in Albanian “the great city”
PP 184, 186, 187, PEAKS OF SHALA, Rose Wilder Lane.Harper Brothers & Publishers, New York & London, 1923
Other nationalities , of course, have long laid claim to Alexander the Great as one of their own – most notably the Macedonians and the Greeks. However, as cited so authoritatively in the opening paragraph of Tarn’s book, Alexander the Great can be rightfully identified as an Albanian.

Error #4 Tarn’s book was written in 1948. The first reprint was in 1956.

To quote an historian’s view about Tarn.

‘Tarn is, of course, great. But he’s only for experienced Alexander-explorers. Many of his facts and virtually all of his interpretation is now either overturned or in serious doubt. At this point, he’s more useful as an example of what can go wrong in the study of Alexander–and history generally–and for his writing than for the content itself.


__________________________________________________ _________________________________________________
“Demosthenes (384-322) called him a ‘barbarian’, a non-Greek speaker…
Phillip the Great was perfectly capable of conversing in standard Greek, even though the local Macedonian dialect was so interladed with non-Greek (esp. Illyrian) linguistic forms that it would be unintelligible to standard Greek speakers.”

Error #5 Here is the the reply of the eminent historian about Macedonian history R. M.Errington.

Ancient allegations that the Macedonians were non-Greeks all had their origin in Athens at the time of the struggle with Philip II. Then as now, political struggle created the prejudice. The orator Aeschines once even found it necessary, in order to counteract the prejudice vigorously fomented by his opponents, to defend Philip on this issue and describe him at a meeting of the Athenian Popular Assembly as being ‘Entirely Greek’. Demosthenes’ allegations were lent on appearance of credibility by the fact, apparent to every observer, that the life-style of the Macedonians, being determined by specific geographical and historical conditions, was different from that of a Greek city-state. This alien way of life was, however, common to western Greeks of Epiros, Akarnania and Aitolia, as well as to the Macedonians, and their fundamental Greek nationality was never doubted. Only as a consequence of the political disagreement with Macedonia was the issue raised at all.”

Malcolm Errington, ‘A History of Macedonia’
University of California Press, February 1993, pg 3


He wasn’t allowed to attend olympics for a whole week because he was a barbarian, and the Greek law was that only Greeks can attend the Olympics.
Book: Alexander the Great
Author: Ulrich Wilcken

Error #6 Unfortunately for Albanian propagandists, their habbit of taking text out of context so that they ‘make up’ a story is shattered if someone has read the sources they provide.

‘Accidentaly’ Albanian propagandists forget to include also the conclusions of Ulrich Wilcken’s book which are:

The beginnings of Macedonian history are shrouded in complete darkness. There is a keen controversy on the ethnological problem, whether the Macedonians were Greeks or not. Linguistic science has at its disposal a very limited quantity of Macedonian words, and the archaeological exploration has hardly begun. And yet when we take into account the political conditions, religion and morals of the Macedonians, our conviction is strengthened that they WERE A GREEK RACE AND AKIN TO THE DORIANS.”

“A strong Illyrian and Thracian influence can thus be recognized in
Macedonian speech and manners. These however are only TRIFLES compared with the GREEK character of the Macedonian nationality; for example, the names of the true full-blooded Macedonians, especially of the princes and nobles, are purely Greek in their formation and sounds. Above all, the FUNDAMENTAL features of Macedonian political institutions are NOT ONLY GREEK but primitive GREEK

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Ο νεοφανής σκιπεταρικός σωβινισμός των αρχών του εικοστού αιώνα είναι φύσει και θέσει αδύνατο να έχη μέλλον,τόσο για τη διεκδίκηση μιας ισότιμης θέσης ‘στην Ε.Ε. όσο και για τη μορφωτική και,εν γένει,πνευματική ανάπτυξη και πρόοδο και την άνοδο του μορφωτικού επιπέδου αυτού του αγνώστων καταβολών και ταυτότητας και πολιτισμικού υποβάθρου λαού.Όσον αφορά την εθνοτική-εθνολογική καταγωγή και προέλευσή των,η ”προτεινόμενή των” τοιαύτη (βλ.πανιλλυρισμός/παναλβανισμός)ούτε και έπεισε αλλά ούτε και πείθει τη διεθνή επιστημονική κοινότητα,η οποία δεν υπάρχει ουδεμία περίπτωση να συμβαδίση και να συντρέξη με την πολιτική λαθροχειρία και εκμετάλλευσή των του θέματος ευκαίρως ακαίρως και η οποία έχει τα κατά το δυνατόν αντικειμενικά εργαλεία,εφόδια και κριτήρια της ο ρ ι σ τ ι κ ή ς και α μ ε τ α κ λ ή τ ο υ αποφάνσεως επί τούτου.


Even if S(h)qip(e)ria/S(h)qipnía has had some kind of culture in the past,it would and should belong either to predatory empire of Osmanlids or,more generally,globally,in Asia.


Οι πασίγνωστες και ‘στους πλέον αδαείς της ιστορίας σκιπεταρικές ηλιθιότητες,εδώ,που μόλις ανέγνωσα,όπου οι users,αντιληπτοί για την προπαγάνδα και προπαγάνδισή των,ούτε καν αγγλικά δε γνωρίζουν(πόσω μάλλον ελληνικά!;)και έχουν και το θράσος(βλ.θρασυδειλία) και την αναίδεια να μας παραθέτουν τα φαντασιοκοπήματά των,να μας καταθέτουν εμπράκτως,να μας αφήνουν,να μας αποτυπώνουν επί του διαδικτύου,το σ κ ο τ α δ ι σ μ ό και την α μ ά θ ε ι ά των,τον ε γ γ ε ν ή των σ ω β ι ν ι σ μ ό,ο οποίος δεν ανέχεται την επιστημονική οδό και καταφεύγει ‘στην επιστημονικοφάνεια,’στην αποσπασματικότητα,’στην αφαίρεση και τον κατακερματισμό και κατατεμαχισμό προκειμένου να τύχη της ”εθνικής επιβίωσης” ένας πληθυσμός,εν προκειμένω,δε,ο σκιπεταρικός(shqiptare/sqiptare),πλήρως και εξολοκλήρου φ α ν τ α σ τ ι κ ό ς,τ ε χ ν η τ ό ς,μ ε τ α π ρ α τ ι κ ό ς,π ρ ω τ ο γ ο ν ι κ ό ς,που και αυτό του το γλωσσικό του,(καθ)ομιλούμενο ι δ ί ω μ α προδίδει την αληθινή φύση του κρατιδίου αυτού του Αίμου(ενν.ως π ρ ο τ ε κ τ ο ρ ά τ ο υ-α ν τ ι β ά ρ ο υ έναντι Ελλάδος και Σερβίας/Σλάβων των Σκοπίων)..

illyrian dream says:

Three important thinks , what you need to know about albanians :

1. 30% of albanians are 12A haplogroup, and that means albanians lived in ballkan area before 10 000 years ago (
2. At the time when Serbs and Greeks accept Turkish Sultan how their king, and send him their daughters ( in Harem ), albanians fight against Otoman imperie
3. Albanians saved Catolic Cristianism religion in their country, at the time when another Balkan nation changed religion and became orthodoks

arjen says:

”if there wasn’t any previous expedition towards India he would have never dared to go to a dangerous land. Outnumbered several fold by the indigenous population he marched as if he was sightseeing rather than conquering India. Even by modern means of communication it would have been difficult to travel nowadays so fast through three continents. The truth is that he stopped over in those places where there were old Aryan settlements”

you seem so sure that there was aryan (btw the word aryan had its orgins in indian sanskirt history, another western propaganda to make out that the word aryan is western in origin) settlements in northen india, yet the indians themselves would deny this and all evidence points to the fact that their was a continous civilisation in india for over 10,000yrs in northern and southern india, the vedic and dravidian cultures that where indignous to india! So this claim that aryans came to india many years ago to found that civilisation has no factual the bases is lies, misrepreentation. India at that time was one of the most culturely , intellectually civilisation on earth at that time, the greeks went to india to learn about maths, pi, algebra, ratios. So india was a well establlished cilivalstion and its reputation was known round the ancient world. The greeks knew it, the eygptions and persians also knew of indias empires and richness. Why did alexadner the great come to india, wehn his army on its last legs wanted to return home. The first time alexander the great witnessed an elephant was in seems strange that if the socalled aryan theory had made travels to india before had missed out on the fact that war elephants existed well before alexander, therfore they would have had previous knowledge, yet they did not!..another reason to invade india being the most adanvaced and civilised nation, it would have recieved greater knowledge and gold from a civisliation that much superior, why go to africa wen the civilsition was inferior. Alexander the great reign in indian is a short lived one, 10yrs at most out of 8,9000 yrs of indian history.when allexander realised that the empires of india where very strong and powerful and the fact hat he onlly penetrated the north western part of india goes to show that the indian wher more than a match for alexander. Leading to his eventual departure of the continent and conquered tribes and alnds quickly returend to their native culture. To assume why alexander the great wen tto india beacause he was afollwing a path of previous ‘aryans; has no factual basis aprt from the western biased view of this. The word aryan is SANKRIT in nature. is not more possible that the peopples of india spread their knowledge beyond their lands, this the reason for greeks having known about the intellectual powerhouse of india. greeks made discoveries about maths, physics hudnreds of years after the indians. The aryans are indian, it more liekly that these aryans venrtured out of northern india spreadin their knowledge as they went, and this is point where racial biggotery takes place. rather than accpet a more logical aspcet of history, western europeans turned this history around so that the knnoweldge that they gained from the indian aryan race was over time created as thier own adn they became the givers of that knowledge instead of it being influenced by native indian cultures. old aryan settlements as the quote at the start of my argument where indian in orgin, and evideince on the ground supports this fully. was there movements of idea and knowledge throughtout the ancient world ..of course..did alenader the great knwo about india, of course, jus as the greeks learn from the indians and elarnt that theire where a very advanced cilivsaiton, alexnader would have known as well. to say that alexander is from an an aryan race is just complete stupidity, This aryan race born in india venrtued out of india, therefore influenced evry aspect of any race who came into contact with it!…is it not more plausiable that the easterns civilsations, who for many years have bben more adanaced, numbers 0-9 the infinite possibilites of powers of ten, the model of the universe which clolsey matched the known universe of today, gun powder, paper,yogo, karma, ying and yang, even chess, battle tactis, Sushruta is the father of surgery. 2600 years ago he and health scientists of his time conducted complicated surgeries like cesareans, cataract, artificial limbs, fractures, urinary stones and even plastic surgery and brain surgery, Ayurveda is the earliest school of medicine known to humans. Charaka, the father of medicine consolidated Ayurveda 2500 years ago,..The value of “pi” was first calculated by Budhayana, and he explained the concept of what is known as the Pythagorean Theorem….The art of Navigation was born in the river Sindh 6000 years ago. The very word Navigation is derived from the Sanskrit word NAVGATIH. The word navy is also derived from Sanskrit ‘Nou’…. hindi religon being the OLDEST on earth BY FAR all derrived from the east and spread west! IT was hitler (the mad, self rightous, completly schizo leader)who propanged the idea that he him self MUST come from SUPRIOR RACE. History from then on has had western superiority complex aboout it being the origin of the aryans…when in truth the western civilsition has its root in aryan, vedic, dravdian (ALL INDIAN) cultures. The egypntions had contact witj india traded with them, the chineese, the arabs and not one of these races claim that sco called aryan came into asia. You can trace indian civilsation way beyond alexander the great….alexandeer the greats mission wasn to conquer india…he could not have…his army having fought for many years in eygypt, iran , iraq..was weak coming to its end..the indians where not kind to him either. The words of alexander the great cannot be taken literal he encouterd many defeats which he portayed as victories, history his shown that he was very liberal with the truth. TYhis takes me back to my inital arguent the civilsation of india was not invaded or created by an invadin army. Alenader wasnt follwin the path of the socalled aryans back to india he was follwin the aryan line to its native origins…Finalyy this Indo-European languinstic approach is competley basless, first of all it shoudl be remaned indo-iranian not indo european, as all european langues are deccendts of this indo-iranian languague, who then venrured out and colonised the anicent world. ..leaving its roots of origiin behind, which is then traced back to india, not the other way round. which then makes india a follower of aryan invasion, which had no factual bases at ALL. The aryans where suposed have come in and introudced the horse and metal work to india…acordin to western historian, yet again they wher wrong. Evidenc now fully supports that horses where alr3eadi in india and metal work was being used hudnreds of years before any so called invasion. So to my indian brothers and sisters…do not willingly accept indian history from western eyes…it will be tainted to make them superior…indian aryan race which was so advanced made the greeks adn westerners jealous that they considred themselves as great where infact inferior to indian aryan……(ARUYAN in sankrit..the word INDIA only cam in to existance fro the BRITISH INVASIon)…………so the western powers now rush to rewrite history which favours them. But u cannot deny wat is lyin inthe ground, u cannot deny the age of indian tempes datin back 2,3,4000 yrs, you cannot deny sansrit scripts and history which completley disporves the aryan myth being invaderd and reinforces that they themselvs are aryan.The word aryan or ARUYAN insankrit is infact indian in origin and all FACTUAL EVIDECNE supports this.100%. Hinduism is so old that no-one realli know how far back its goes.

westclub4 says:

Dear Albanian brother and reader,

Being a Greek of an ancient Arvanitan stock myself, I do not consider modern Albanians to be the enemies of Greece either. Moreover, our mislead Illyrian Greek brothers in the north today -that is, the Albanians of modern times, should return to Hellenism and to our common ancient Greek historic roots and traditions. Illyrios, was indeed the son of the Greek Theban King Kadmus and of the also Greek Princess Armonia, which used to be our common ancestors in past and in present times.

Hyllas, one of the many Greek children of Hercules, was an Illyrian King to the old Illyrian province of the ancient Greek Dalmatia. As a matter of fact, he was one of the many Illyrian Kings of the Bullinoi tribe. The same name Hyllas (or Hyllos or simply Yllas) we find among the Dorian Spartans of the same period, which is said to have once migrated to Lakonia and Sparta from the ancient Greek land, which used to be to the north of Epirus, and is quite probably closer to the land of the Illyrian Greeks, somewhere nearby in modern day Montenegro and the Dalmatian Coast.

The old Dorian and Illyrian Greek name Hyllas (or Yllas) means ‘the Sun or the signing star’ in ancient Greek and is coded in the Greek name Helios (i.e. the Sun) and in the quite common modern Greek name Elias (or Ilyas). Probably the same meaning is that of the ancient Greek name Illyrios, which is also related to the ”Sun” and to the ”Signing Star” or to a mountaineous land, which is ‘high up’ with a significant altitude and extends to ‘near the sky’, and not to either ”liberty”, which is the modern Albanian explanation, as conventionally thought.

The ancient Illyrians were a people of Greek stock, possibly of Dorian-Greek or of west-Greek stock, similar to the Epirotans’ and to the Macedonians’, that is. The real Illyrians were a Greek tribe whose kingdom were based around what is now called the Montenegran region, and its capital city Vuthoe (or Butva, as it is known today) was an ancient Greek city, possibly a colony of the southern ancient Greeks and most probably of those of the Beotean Thebans, given that in Thebes Kadmus was a King for many years before he emmigrated to Illyria.

Albanian brothers and sisters, read history carefully and try not to alter historic facts. We whole-heartedly support you to your just and fair cause against the foreign and invading Serbs (and against the Slavs, in general), who took much of your historic land many centuries ago. We are on your side, to say the least. However, to become Illyrian again or simply to deserve that glorious and historic ancient Greek tribal name, you may need to prove first to us and to the world today that you trully chose Hellenism and not Barbarism; that is, that you see modern Greeks as your true and historic ethnic and tribal brothers, not the other way around.

Be assured of the fact that once more in the future the Hellenes will stand firm to your side and to your just cause for liberty and for freedom, as we have done many times in the past, as well. We once gave you protection and freedom with the Greek King Illyrios and his Illyrians, with Alexander and his Macedonian Hellenes, with Pyrrus and his Epirotan Greeks, and quite more recently and for many times also with Georgios Kastriotis (aka the ”Skenderbeis”) -i.e. the famous Greek Epirotan Prince of Epirus and of Albaniae and lately with Ioannis Lekkas (aka the ”Gjon Lekkas” or simply the ”Gioulekas), who fought the Turks many times for you.

Comradely Greetings to all Albanian brothers and sisters,
Elias Leon A.
Athens, Greece.

Kasander says:

Hey, alexandros my dear brother, you should not use that name because alexander the great is a barbarian, like i said before. Historians and greek mothers that have ancient albanian blood in them dont lie. Another thing, the slavs and the turks are not your friends, you weak minded idiot. I am sorry, but i want to tell you something, who gave independence to greeks, albanians of greece fought and built the foundation for your stupid independence. Dont insult your brothers you moron. Next time, be more careful, because all greeks have albanian veins in them. Regardless if you guys dont want to admit that.

Greece is another name for an albanian tribe that evolved differently. Greece is albanian or Albanian is greece. Dukalion gave birth to helenes, illyrians, and thracians. He split up his own family because it was getting overcrowded we are all pelasgians my dear brother. You should protect your lands against slavs, turks, gypsies, and other but not albanians , we are not your enemies.

Greeks think they are smart but they are making small mistakes that one day is going to catch up with them

Have good day,

Kasander says:

First of all i like to agree with the albanians because alexander the great had albanian roots but adopted the greek culture. For example, just like america today. Just because i speak english that doesnt make my nationality english. He was definetely Albanian especially from dad. Philip often said that his ancestors were barbarian from the lynestic and pellagonians of the pelasgian duke calle lykon. Greeks have to stop lying about the albanian history. Please lets just get along. Enough fighting and lets build a better future. My great grand mother was greek, but she said that her father was from pellagonia. She often spoke to me the anicent tongue called geg albanian. THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF GREECE SHOULD BE DEVOTED TO THE ALBANIAN RACE NO MATTER FROM WHAT PART OF ALBANIAN PROVINCE THEY ARE. I am sorry greek people but the truth has already come out.

Hyllus says:

You see my name , its the name of the oldest illyrian king ,and in modern Albanian language means star , hyll-star , dig that
all you said here , we’re insults , not knowledge , read the postings , you may learn something

by the way , other illyrian names , are 100% albanian, do some google , you will see

Alexandros says:

Thats an insult to…fishes!

Soto says:

My Greek friends
Do not waste your time with Albanian propagandists and Albanian idiots that try to claim things in history

Albanians share the same IQ with a fish… 🙂

Lou Giaffo says:

Any Greek snipers left out there? If so, the Black Eagle sours over all the the Greek isles, standing out in stark contrast against the Greek blue sky and should make a clear and easy target -- so take your best shot!

Lou -- The Black Eagle

Lou Giaffo says:

Ntemis, I Havnn’t heard from you for awhile -- welcome back. I consider you an articulate and worthy opponent. But I’m afraid that you continue to sound like a broken record in repeating that only Greek historical sources are current and that conversely, all Albanian historical sources are outdated. There’s something wrong with the picture you’re trying to paint. As I said before, since most historians (unless they are of a caliber of a Plutarch, for example), are usually biased in their point-of-view, and cannlot be taken at face value, having to be researched and then corroborrated for authenticity. Now, as I have been trying to tell you Ntemis, right along, you can’t believe anything from any historian unless you take the time to do this. So far you have insisted, in dogmatic fashion, that you have been 100 % right on everything, never conceding that you might actually be wrong. Now that is really profound, since even Jesus and Mother Therisa (an Albanian, by the way, not a Greek) were not in your 100% category of infallability. You are indeed a walking miracle. But don’t try walking on water though. But as I tried to point out in my last dissertation, which probably fell on deaf ears, your’s and other Greeks, that there comes a time when only common sense will prevail and lead you to the truth. If you’ll take the time to read it, you’ll catch my drift. And another thing, although I’m always right but never wrong, I’ll bend a little at times and admit that I was wrong, such as mistaking Thessaly for Thebes as the subject city of Alexander the Great’s wrath of destruction and subjugation.

Lou -- The Black Eagle

Ntemis G21 says:

Dusan Tomic has a point. Edwin Jacques is a unique case of idiocy together with a high dose of Ignorance. Yet you will find him adored by the usual Albanian propagandists. AFter all Albanian nationalists never carried a brain to think a “missionary” like Jacques isnt anything related to historian. Furthermore his book was one of the most Idiotic pieces of crap ever appeared. I remember somewhere he reaches such a huge level of ignorance where he claims something like “The Greek Philotas was hated by Macedonians”. Go figure in which tragic levels has Albanian propaganda fell to quote such Idiots.

Ntemis G21 says:

Its really amusing to watch once more, Lou Giaffo humiliating himself by PARROTING over and over his ridiculus ungrounded “theories”. For those who missed the laugh elsewhere in this site, Lou couldnt even spell right the name of Theba (or even worst for him he couldnt even spot in which region Theba belongs), after he had his ass kicked up & down and watching his own manifested amazing IGNORANCE of anything related to ancient history to be shattered, in the end he had no other option but admit he doesnt know much about ancient history.

So in the aftermath he tried to cover this main dissadvantage by selectively taking text out of context from either OUTDATED or BIASED sources. In fact this is exactly the methods used by all Albanian propagandists like him. Every once in a while new Albanian propagandists like Lou will come out from their nothingness trying to feed crap to the naive and ignorant Albanian masses through hilarious reconstructions of historical issues, striving to give these poor illeterate Albanians something to be proud and forget once in a while their current misery. Albanian Historical revisionism keeps up and Albanian propagandiss still continue on this path of reinterpeting and inventing new meanings deliberately ignoring the overwhelming evidence and making their cases to appear in the free world as exactly it is…SAD CASES!!! Historical science-fiction seems to be promoted by Albanian Ultranationalists and Albanian government but nomatther what, they can’t change ancient history as much as it hurts them. Fact is that exactly NOONE among the historical community takes serious at all Albanian “historians” since its quite well-known all they do is to resort to outdated sources of the last century; or peripheral, biased authors who cling to old books and versions (perhaps due to retirement) in wish to make some waves. The hilarious ‘remakes’ of Albanian propagandists like Lou though have one plus. They do their job fine to AMUSE the entire planet!!!

Lou Giaffo says:

Alexandros, is your speech so limited that you cannot do more than just parrot my word, “brainwash” in your reply? This is very unusual for a Greek, most of whom are full of Bullshit!

A little common sense (which seems alien to Greeks) goes a long way. For example, you don’t need to dig deep into the history books to understand that language is the easiest way to identify people and where they come from. Along with language, geographic location also tells you the origin of various groups, their common ties, interrelationships and kinship. If you look at an ancient map of Greece and the rest of the area, you’ll clearly see that the Illyrians, Macedonians, and Thracians were geographically in close proximity, all north of the Greek city states. The consensus of most historians is that the above three groups I just referrred to, share a common dialect, which has little or nothing to do with Greek. As a matter of fact, to prove that the original ancient Macedonian language was so remote and Greekless (a non-literal language), it has, like the dinosaurs, become extinct, again showing that there was no kinship between the Macedonians and the Greeks. Greek came relatively late to the Macedonians, in the time of Alexander the Great, who adopted it as his court language, because of its universality (trade route language) at that time.

Not satisfied with their own achievements in introducing democracy to the world, the greedy Greeks like to take credit for everything, particularly in the achievements of their northern neaghbors, the Macedonians, Illyrians and the Thracians. It is not hard to imagine that if Alexander was a big bust instead of becoming an historical icon, in conquring the whole known world, you wouldn’t have heard a peep out of any Greek about Alexander being a Greek.

No Greeks will admit, although they are well enough aware of it, that the Albanian language, much older than Greek, is an original Indo-European language, standing on its own as the purest form of Indo-European, with the least amount of outside contamination. It just follows then that the Albanians are probably the oldest inhabitants in the area -- including you Greeks!

Lou -- The Black Eagle

Alexandros says:

Spoke like a true BRAINWASHED ALBANIAN. jajajajajajaja

Lou Giaffo says:

Greeks have been brainwashed for so long now, that they can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction. They are living in a dream worldi of mass denial, bringing in a perpetual state self-delusion, going all the way back to ancient Greece. This brainwashing is not hard to understand since they have always been told that they are the greatest and smartist peoplet the world has ever known. Historically operating under their serious mental disorder, so much so, the Geeks really can’t tell the difference between a Greek and a Macedonian, a Greek and an Illyrian, a Greek and a Thracian, and so on. In their deseased delusional minds, they have a nasty habit of adopting all non-Greeks (especially Albanians) who are winners, as one of their own, and discarding losers. They still won’t accept the fact that Alexander the Great was predomantely Albanian, corroborated as fact through language, along with the realization that neither Philip ll nor his son Alexander the Great considered themselves to be Greeks -- on the contrary, Alexander didn’t trust any of the Greeks states (which he severely subjugated during his campaign towards the East against the Persians to conquer the known world), not even to let them serve in his army. Greeks still claim Alexander as a pure Greek. This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so serious. But we Albanians, unlike the Greeks, are compassionate and humanitarian, and are more than willing to have one of our fine Albanian psychiatrists treat any Greek who asks for help.

spartan says:

ok dushan but tell us how did we occupy your serbian lands, from the air or from the sea, ?
what is the event in history to remind this lunatic occupation?
i am curious to know;

Dusan Tomic says:

Hahahahaha Stupid Albanians quote a….missionary wrote a book and everybody must take it serious!!! Albanians, u cant stop from making everybody laughing with your IDIOCIES!!! Wake up Brainwashed Albanians!!! You have Nothing to do with Illyrians. You occupy Serbian lands and thats all about it!!!!!!!!!!

Hahahahhaa edwin zacques the….missionary. WHAT A SOURCE!!!! You are killing me from laughing!!!!!!

shqipe23 says:

serbs and greeks go to this website before u talk your bullshit!!! It is understandable why u do so, because it is not your fault, you were taught to believe everything that you do, but you cannot discredit albania….there is so much history to prove we are the illyrians and the even the DNA and our language prove we are the oldest people of the balkans!!!! and now that greeks cant discredit the illyrians, i have heard them say that the illyrians were greek….GOOD GOD!!!!!!! stop it, our history will not be taken away from us anymore…we are no longer communist and the world will now see the truth and find more evidence to prove everything!!…so u serbs and greeks can all rot in hell!!!

big albania says:

serb ruling time is over: albanians stand up and laugh at the serbs
macedonia is albania monte negro is albanian ‘serbia in deep shit;

Simos says:

Dardan, can you pls do me a favor? Can leave Albania as it stands now and pls go and say to Indians and Chinese people that their land is yours? They will start laughing at you!!!

dardan says:

Subject: Re: Name of places and greek gods from the albanian language.
Author: Constantin (Authenticated as Constantin,
Date: January 19, 2004 at 5:12:50 PM
Reply to: Re: Name of places and greek gods from the albanian language. by Satu

There is a theory of Albanians as descendants of Atlant, the lost continent. One of the oldest Illyrian tribes though was called Taulant (thau land) = dry land and in Asia there was another Illyrian settlement which now is called Thailand. There are three places called Albany 1. A city near London [Albany; it was said that there the first Christian roman soldier was killed] 2. Central Albania [actually Albanoi = Alb banoi -- there lived Alb or the Alp mountainous people, people that lived in the (h)ill there is no coincidence that the greatest Albanian colony in Asia near China and Turkmenistan is located in very high ground along the longest river called Il 3. A country in Caucasus region near Caspian Sea. Why did Alexander the Great rush to India? Africa was certainly richer in gold and specially in diamonds and it would be much easier to conquer the black nation rather than the populated and well fortified India. Why should he go through so many perils, pass difficult paths through treacherous mountains when he had the great fleet in the Mediterranean when a shortcut to the south would have provided him with the greatest treasures in the world? The explanation is that he followed the path of previous Aryans. If there wasn’t any previous expedition towards India he would have never dared to go to a dangerous land. Outnumbered several fold by the indigenous population he marched as if he was sightseeing rather than conquering India. Even by modern means of communication it would have been difficult to travel nowadays so fast through three continents. The truth is that he stopped over in those places where there were old Aryan settlements. The same as today we use gas stations in USA & Europe to tank our car with petrol on a trip to the country side. His losses were so minimal because most of those who died, expired under the harsh weather conditions. Alexander too would die from a contagious disease. Illyrian phalanges seemed more like boy scouts than warriors in India. The argument that India didn’t know the horse and iron that he brought is nonsense. From recent archaeological data it comes out that India traded gold for iron and other heavy metals with Phoenicians who travelled to African shores before 10,000 years ago, almost 9,500 years before Alexander invaded India. We must remember there is no other language in the world that uses -ar as a suffix at the end of the word regularly as Albanian does for creating a noun from another noun. In other languages you create a noun from an adjective or a verb. There is no other language that uses ar for creating the most important word of all. GOLD. Aryans were called like this because of their fair golden hair. Their skin also sparked like the precious metal. In Albanian language there is another basic word ar which means ploughed land. It is also used by Albanians that founded Troy in Asia Minor. There it used to call Ares. In Europe Albanians used it to call the god of heaven Ouranos which is the distorted Greek word for Aryanus. From this word comes the word ari that Illyrians as good observers of the sky (for that matter they were called Illyrians) used to name the constellation of seven stars near which glitters the North Pole. is In Arabic Aryan is pronounced with a strong rr. Why? Because it is not an Arabic word. How could Aryans be Iranian tribes as historians insist when they were called the white invaders of India? The white man is the heir of the Alpine hominoid found in Neanderthal [ne ander dal = ridiculously enough this German name can be translated I come from the dream in Albanian language]. Most of historians were of Greek origin. For them history starts 3000 years ago when they can trace the first sings of Greek civilisation. They forget that humans were not created in one single day. It was a long process of evolution. It took millions of years for the white man to have the same aspect as it is today. It is very strange that Albanian name is preserved in very cold and high grounds. One might suspect that if the Albanians or Aryans are the direct descendants of the ruined continent, they must be afraid of the low lands. Albanian never retreated to the mountains from the countless enemies. The truth is the greatest resistance has been organised in Epirus against Rome. Epirus is not a mountainous area. The greatest spread of Dalmatians took place along the shores of Adriatic. Etruscans too settled in the most fertile land of Italy. It seems that primitive Albanians were found of the mountains in the beginning of their settlements in Illyrian peaks. In Montenegro and Crete there are the only Illyrian look-alike race with curly blond hair and rose coloured face. Although they spread also in warm countries. This is the reason that in Africa there was a nation called Elyria. My guess is that this group of ancient Albanians created the half white race of Arabs. But the bulk of white people moved towards highest peaks of Euro-Asia. The greatest puzzle of all is the history of Denmark. This country was called Jutland. I found this place quite accidentally as I was looking for other places in Europe that had similar toponymy as that one used in Albanian saga Epos I Kreshnikeve. I found out that in India the word Krishna was the name of a god. In Albania Kreshte comes from the composite krye eshte which means the head of the tribe or the peak of a mountain. While we in the bible call Christos Krisht, in Albania heroes are called Kreshnike. Well there are two words in the bible with Aryan origin that nobody until now has ever explained. They are called Urimm and Thummim. They were two stones that Moses inserted in his ephod. They were used like dice on the ground to talk with the El god. (Yll = El in Arabia and Africa) these two stones are the greatest mystery of the bible. No other language has helped the researchers of the Bible to solve it. Why? Because no serious historian has ever studied Albanian language which is the only language in the world to have a separate group of clauses called Deshirore or Mallkimore. It is similar to the imperative because it is used at the beginning only in the second person. Nowadays you can also use for literal effects in the first, second and third person singular and plural. Well urim is Deshirore and it comes from the word Ouranus. Only in Albanian language you address somebody with O wich is called thirror. To this day the priest is called urate. The blessing that he pronounces and also any kind of blessing, evenb that spelled by your father is called urate. The second word is Thummim which means Mallkim -- curse. So coming back to the story of Albanian heroes that were called Christos or kreshnike, I found that many geographic names used in the epos were also places in Scandinavian countries. In Finnland there was the region of Lapp when we know that all south Albanians are called Lap (lab). Llap=tongue & talk too much. I was shocked when I found around 300 basic Albanian words in Finnish vocabulary. Lap in Finnish is derogative and insulting word. Probably the new comers from Asia despised the primitive old Albanian race. The greatest surprise was Denmark which was once called Ylland (Yl + land) = yll -- star & land (lende-material, specially wooden matter) and also name of the tribe Tau-land. No wonder that Alexander the Great used the same Viking helmet with the horns of a bull. Well, in the south of Ylland lived the tribes of Angles or Engjells who invaded England. That is why the infinitive of English is so close with the clauses that Albanian language considers lidhore. That is the reason that the verb to be changed into are in Plural. The very word engjel -- angel reminds us that the ancient people believed that eagles were the company of gods. Zeus, an Illyrian god had an eagle as his guard. Very often Zeus was transformed into an eagle. In the bible the ark of Moses was surrounded by the flying creatures. Amphisbena the strange creature found in BESTIARY THE SECOND FAMOUS BOOK AFTER THE BIBLE (in Greek Amphi means double) was an eagle with the body of a snake and if we look carefully the Albanian eagle has the tongue of a snake and the old symbol had a very prolonged body). It was born In Helio-polis in Egypt where the sun god El or Yl in Illyrian was worshipped.

The people who overlived the great tsunamis, that washed over at least the Canary Islands, Madeira, Azores, Ireland, Britain, escaped to the Mediterranean. First they bought -- yes bought, not occupied by force Crete. They brought their civilization, the Minoan one, after their leader Minno to Crete. When during next centuries, the world slowly recovered from the catastrophe, they as great seafarers, conquered the whole area, that became to be called Indo-European. In East they went to India, in South they captured the coastal areas of Mediterranean. In Europe they conquered the whole coast from Italy, through Iberia until the Southern Sweden (Skaneland) [S’KANE LAND = THEY HAVE NO LAND] in North and Lethuania in North-East. Only the Greeks tried to stop them. And the thick forests of Twiskland [dushk land = forest land](Germany) were a hinder for them, especially because behind them there were still more dangerous people, the Finns, and the Magyars.

Alexander the Great destroyed their culture in East, and the Roman Empire in Southern Europe. When Christianity began to disperse to North, Charlemagne and others made havoc of the rest of their culture. Their last resort was Friesland (Frya’s people) from Holland to Denmark. The Frisian language gave much to the later German and Swedish languages.


4. Written at Liudwerd, in the year 3449 after Atland was submerged -- that is, according to the Christian reckoning, the year 1256.

3449-1256-1(no 0)=2194BC.


1. Minno was an ancient sea-king. He was a seer and a wizard, and he gave laws to the Kretans. He was born at Lindawrda, and after all his wanderings he had the happiness to die at Lindahem.

Minoan Crete.
17. “Ewa” means that sentiment which is implanted in the breast of every man in order that he may know what is right and what is wrong… “Ewa” [among Maori tribes in New Zealand it called iwi] has also another meaning; that is, tranquil, smooth…
18. …”Ewa” is another symbol of the World, who remains always just and unchangeable.
19. “Ewa”, eternal and unalterable, the sign of wisdom and rectitude, must be sought after by all pious people, and must be possessed by all judges.

1. When Nyhellenia [nje e lena, in Albanian language we still say lenesha for a woman that has been dishonoured, violated etc], whose real name was Minerva, was well established, and the Krekalanders loved her as well as our own people did, there came some princes and priests to her burgh and asked Minerva where her possessions lay.
2. Nyhellenia answered “… What I have inherited is the love of wisdom, justice, and freedom…”.
3. The gentlemen went away laughing, and saying “Your humble servants, wise Hellenia.”
4. But they missed their object, for the people took up this name as a name of honour… the good Krekalanders [greke -- landers = Greek inhabitants] understood at once that it was calumny.


1. When I came away from Athenia [it is very important to recognize Albanian spelling E thenie] with my followers, we arrived at an island named by my crew Kreta,[Albanians say bertas me sa kam ne krye = scream with all my voice inside my head which comes from the legend of Zeus whose daughter Athena caused him a headache and VULCAN open his head. His daughter Athena jumped out with such load screams of joys that other gods were stunned. To this day the people of Crete have blond hair and blue
eyes. The same type of people seen by indigenous tribes of Maori were considered to be fairies & ghosts the same as Spaniards were considered by Aztecs. When these people similar in aspect to those in Crete appeared in New Zealand they were playing flutes. Illyrians were certainly very found of music] because of the cries that the inhabitants raised on our arrival. When they really saw that we did not come to make war, they were quiet, so that at last I was able to buy a harbour in exchange for a boat and some iron implements, and a piece of land.

2. When we had been settled there a short time, and they discovered that we had no slaves, they were very much astonished; and when I explained to them that we had laws which made everybody equal, they wished to have the same… [Kanun {Canne in France, Canutu the first king of Denmark} of Leke Dukagjinit from which comes the name duke, while duke is part of PASKAJORE IN ALBANIAN LANGUAGE]

1. Before the bad time came our land was the most beautiful in the World. The sun rose higher, and there was seldom frost. The trees and shrubs produced various fruits, which are now lost. In the fields we had not only barley, oats, and rye, but wheat which shone like gold, and which could be baked in the sun’s rays. The years were not counted, for one was as happy as another.

2. On one side we were bounded by the World Sea, on which no one but us might or could sail; on the other side we were hedged in by the broad Twiskland, through which Finda’s (fiend = enemy in English language, fende = (n.)fart in Albanian) people dared not come on account of the thick forests and the wild beasts.



1. During the whole summer the sun had been hidden behind the clouds, as if unwilling to look upon the Earth. There was perpetual calm, and the damp mist hung like a wet sail over the houses and marshes. The air was heavy and oppressive, and in men’s hearts was neither joy nor cheerfulness.

2. In the midst of this stillness the Earth began to tremble as if she was dying. The mountains opened to vomit forth fire and flames. Some sank into the bosom of the Earth, and in other places mountains rose out of the plain. Aldland [Albland = the white land], called Atland by the Sturian navigators???? who lived there, disappeared, and the wild waves rose so high over hill and dale that everything was buried in the sea. Many people were swallowed up by the Earth, and others who had escaped the fire perished in the water. (Greenland = Grin -- land = toke e grire or ngrin land = toke e ngrire)

Atland=Aldland=Oldland. [This is pure nonsense. How can you call it Oldland when in Albanian sound at + land or fatherland]
3. It was also in Finda’s land that the Earth vomited fire [we must remember that in volcanic areas the sulphurous gases really smell and burst like farts and the primitive Albanian who had to explain every natural phenomenon must have really believed that earth farted], and in Twiskland. Whole forests were burned one after the other, and when the wind blew from that quarter our land was covered with ashes. Rivers changed their course, and at their mouths new islands were formed of sand and drift.

4. During three years this continued, but at length it ceased, and forests became visible. Many countries were submerged, and in other places land rose above the sea, and the wood was destroyed through the half of Twiskland. Troops of Finda’s people came and settled in the empty places. Our dispersed people were exterminated or made slaves. Then watchfulness was doubly impressed upon us, and time taught us that union is force.


5. In the year 101 after the submersion of Aldland a people came out of the east. That people was driven by another. Behind us, in Twiskland, they fell into disputes, divided into two parties, and each went its own way. Of the one no account has come to us, but the other came in the back of our Skenland {Sken -- nder -- be = the greatest Albanian king}, which was thinly inhabited, particularly the upper part. Therefore they were able to take possession of it without contest, and as they did no other harm, we would not make war about it.

Skenland=Skane/Skone (Southern Sweden). [s’kane land]
101 years = 2194-101=2093BC.

Did the other go back to Mediterranian? Has it something to do with the 3rd dynasty of Ur? (Of course they were the Alb people) At least the time matches.

Re: Name of places and greek gods from the albanian language. -- Stuart Harris May 1 2004, 4:22:38 PM
o_O;; That was scary. nt -- Miranda Jan 19 2004, 5:29:20 PM
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Dusan Tomic says:

Hahahaha stupid albanians always liers.

your albanian propaganda has been exposed in another post.

hhahahahahahahhah what a stupid shiptar.

Long live Serbija

dardan says:

[QUOTE] There are few places where Alexander the Great’s influence has not been felt. His vast empire spread from the Atlantic shores of Spain to the plains of India. His example has been admired and followed for generations to come, and his legacy has been deeply felt by the entire world. It is said that Julius Ceaser himself began to weep as he stood under the shadow of a statue of Alexander the Great, for Alexander had conquered half the world by 19, and Ceaser not even made a name for himself by that age.
And how was he Albanian in any way? Well, first of all Alexander was son of Philip II and Olympia. Olympia, was the princess of Epirus, a province in Northern Greece, considered to be modern day Albania, and an ancient territory of Albanian tribes. This relation of Alexander having Albanian blood is considered somewhat feasible and acceptable by the history books, but we want to stretch out the enigma of Alexander.
Initially there is the question of where and to what people Alexander belonged to. It is known that Alexander the Great, was really Alexander of Macedon, and the current flag of Macedonia is the ancient sun flag of Alexander’s army. This seems reasonable, but what really were the “Macedon” people. As stated in the Compton’s Interactive Encyclopedia, “the Slavs, occupied much of the area [Balkans] by the 6th century AD”, so it cannot be possible for the now largely Slavic Macedonia to be a descendant from Alexander the Great. Slavic tribes did not come into the region of Northern Greece until well after Alexander’s death, which leaves only two people left, the Albanians and the Greeks. It is important tot note that the history books have not labeled Alexander Greek, and therefore he can only be Albanian. Albanian tribes are the earliest known to occupy northern Greece, and that allows Alexander only one nationality. Alexander did not have Albanian blood, he was an Albanian. To Albanians this fact seems very clear, for we have named our currency lek, after Leka I Madh.
The Barbaric war style of the Illyrians was deeply rooted in Alexander’s spirit, which is good reason for his expertise as a general and a conqueror.
More proof of Alexander’s Albanian ancestry would have to be the close relations he had with the King of the Illyrians, practically a man of his own kin. There is an ancient legend that the Illyrian king gave Alexander a large, beastly, dog to commemorate his achievements. The beast was so ferocious, Alexander decided to make it hunt bears. The dog showed no interest in this endeavor and lay lazily without moving. This angered Alexander and he had the dog killed. When the king of the Illyrians heard of this he sent him another dog, this time with a message of “not wasting the dog’s time with small things”. This time Alexander had the dog fight a lion, which the dog quickly broke the back of, and then an Elephant, who the dog forced off a cliff. The extensive diplomacy between Alexander and the Illyrians only suggests that Alexander was an Albanian himself.
Also, there is the conquered territory of Alexander. When looking at a map of his advances, oddly enough Illirium and Northern Greece is not touched by his armies. Yet, the Illyrian and Northern Greek tribes did not have armies capable of facing the Great Alexander. But Alexander considered them as one, they were all Albanian. Alexander could not possibly conquer his own land. That is why this area remained untouched.
Accepting Alexander’s Albanian ancestry opens a vast world of possibilities. There is of course the long Ptolemy dynasty of Egypt that followed after Alexander’s death, started by one of Alexander’s generals and childhood friend. Accepting Alexander as an Albanian, would mean accepting a big part of Egypt’s history to be determined by an Albanian dynasty, that of Ptolemy.
Alexander’s genius and accomplishments opened a great chapter in the history of Albania. A chapter that has never been forgotten.
[/QUOTE] s-alexander.html