European Commission criticises lack of religious freedom in FYROM

Maintaining the religious freedom is a fundamental right, and at the same time, a condition for the FYR Macedonia in order to fulfill the criteria to join the Euro-Atlantic civilization currents. Unfortunately, the Republic is continually violating the elementary religious freedoms of its own citizens and tax payers. In its last year report, the European Commission presented its attitude that “cases of violations of religious freedom exist” in its report (ttp:// It also emphasized that the new law “should provide more liberal procedure for registering religious communities”.According to the newest report of the Venice Commission, yet there are disputable items in the draft law of religious communities, especially at the point – registering religious communities. This report will be a subject of the following text.

The Government of the FYR Macedonia, which protects the monopoly of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, is sacrificing the European future of the citizens. Critics point out the Government is only declaratively ready for reforms, while practically the reforms in terms of religious freedoms are tending to be evaded.

At the same time, with the critics, in terms violating religious freedoms in the FYR Macedonia by the International Community, the Fund “Archbishop Jovan” from the United States of America has issued its newest pdf of report: