Sources about St’ Cyrillos & Methodios – Cyril & Methodius Ethnicity

1. Comparative history of Slavic Literatures by Dmitrij Cizevskij


2. A History of the Greek Language: From Its Origins to the Present By Francisco Rodríguez Adrados page 265


 3. East Central Europe in the Middle Ages, 1000-1500 By Jean W. Sedlar, page 144


4. Central eastern Europe Crucible of World Wars edited by Joseph Slabey Rouček  page 62


5. Modern Linguistics By Simeon Potter, page 57


6. Yugoslavia: A History of Its Demise By Viktor Meier, page 182


7. Languages and Their Status By Timothy Shopen, Center for Applied Linguistics


8. Russian by Neville Forbes, page 10


9. The National question in Yugoslavian: Origins, history, politics by Ivo Branac.


10. Παράθεση:

During the ninth century, two Greek brothers from Thessaloniki (Salonika), Cyril and Methodius, were instrumental in the conversion of the Slavs

Encyclopedia of World Cultures – Page 239
by David H. Levinson – Social Science – 1991

11. Παράθεση:

An appeal to the Roman Emperor Michael at Byzantium in 863 brought two Greek brothers, Constantine and Methodius from Salonika.

A Handbook of Slavic Studies – Page 98 by Leonid Ivan Strakhovsky – 1949 –

12. Παράθεση:

Two Greek brothers, Cyril and Methodius, were sent. They prepared an alphabet for the hitherto unwritten Slav language; the script was called Glagolitic

The New Oxford Companion to Music – Page 1076 by Denis Arnold -1983

13. Παράθεση:

the ninth century of two Greek brothers from Salonika: Constantine — who took the name of Cyril shortly before his death at Rome in 869 — and Methodius

How the Bible Came to Us: Its Texts and Versions – Page 68 by Hugh Gerard Gibson Herklots – 1959

14. Παράθεση:

It was the result of the great missionary work in the Ninth Century of two Greek brothers from Salonika, Constantine —who took the name of Cyril shortly

Back to the Bible: A Literary Pilgrimage – Page 70 by Hugh Gerard Gibson Herklots – 1954

15. Παράθεση:

Turkey (RNS)—The relics of Saints Cyril and Methodius, Greek brothers venerated as “apostles of the southern Slavs” in the sixth century.

East Europe – Page 17 by Free Europe Committee, Free Europe – 1957

16. Παράθεση:

of the most famous Orthodox missions was that of the two Greek brothers from Salonica: St. Methodius and St. Cyril, who were monks of high education

The Two Faces of Greece: A Civilisation of 7.000 Years – Page 91 by Irene Economides – 1989

17. Παράθεση:

St. Cyril and his brother, St. Methodius, are called the “Apostles to the Slavs.” They were Greek missionaries among the Moravians and other Slavic tribes

Merit Students Encyclopedia by William Darrach Halsey – 1980

18. Παράθεση:

The brothers Cyril and Methodius … It was thus two Greeks, born in Salonica, who evangelized and ‘alphabetized’ the mass of the Slavs (apart from the Poles, the Czechs,

The European Inheritance – Page 304 by Ernest Barker – 1954



Two other Greeks from Salonika, Cyril and Methodius

Reflections on Our Age – Page 169 by Unesco General Conference – 1949

20. Παράθεση:

The Russian alphabet, which is similar to the Greek, was invented by two Greek monks from Salonika, St. Cyril and St. Methodius;

Russian Authors – Page 28 by Elsa Z. Posell – 1970

21. Παράθεση:

by the 9th century Greek missionaries St. Cyril and St. Methodius and their disciples

The Encyclopedia Americana – Page 25 by Grolier Incorporated -1998

22. Παράθεση:

which the Greek brothers Cyril and Methodius employed

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East – Page 151 by Eric M. Meyers – 1997

23. Παράθεση:

Invited in 863 by its prince, Rostislav, Cyril (Constantine) and Methodius, Greek monks from Salonika, came to preach the gospel there

by Encyclopaedia Britannica, Incorporated, Warren E. Preece – Reference – 1972 Page 846

24. Παράθεση:

As a matter of fact, Constantine and Methodius were not Slavs, but two sons of a Greek official..

by Eastern Canada Centre of Slavists and East European Specialists, Association canadienne des slavistes – 1976 – page 73

25. Παράθεση:

Two Greek priests from Salonika, the brothers Cyril and Methodius, who knew Slavonic, were called from Byzantium.

Journal of Central European Affairs – Page 308, 1941

26. Παράθεση:

Moravia received Christian instruction from Cyril and Methodius, Greeks from Salonika, who for their translations created

The Encyclopedia Americana, published 1970

27. Quote


 Tito, the rise and the fall of Yugoslavia by Richard West

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