Ancient Macedonian kings - Perdiccas I of Macedon

This prince followed the example set him by his ancestor, Caranus, in the extension of his dominions. Feeling that he was stronger than his neighbours, he carried war into their territories; and he was so successful in his conquests, that the light of his ” glory” has been obscured, like that of most other heroes, by the shades of romance which have been cast over it by his panegyrists, particularly the marvel-loving Herodotus. From this circumstance, what Perdiccas in reality performed cannot be stated. The only fact which can be depended upon is that of the period of his death, which occurred after he had reigned forty-five years. When full of years, he is said to have pointed out the place where he desired to be buried, and where he likewise exhorted his son to order his own body to be laid, and those of his posterity; signifying, that till this custom was abolished, there should not want one of his line to sit upon his throne. Perdiccas was succeeded in his kingdom by Argaeus


History of the Macedonians By Edward Farr