World Encyclopaedias about Macedonia - Encyclopaedia of World History 6th Edition 2001

THE BATTLE OF CHAERONEA. Philip annihilated Athens’ mercenary force and captured Amphissa. In August, at the Battle of Chaeronea, Philip crushed the allied armies of Thebes and Athens. He garrisoned Thebes but let Athens go free. Philip called the Congress of Corinth, during which all the Greek states, except Sparta, entered a Hellenic League against Persia, under Macedonian hegemony. The league council had proportional representation and was presided over by a chairman, replaced by the Macedonian king in wartime. The autonomy of the members was guaranteed, existing constitutions were not to be altered, and no private property was to be confiscated. There was no tribute required and no more than four garrisons—Thebes, Corinth, Chalcis, and Ambracia. The king had supreme military command, and the Amphictyonic Council served as a court of appeals. Philip announced plans for a campaign against the Persian Empire.

“Encyclopaedia of World History” 6th Edition 2001