Macedonian Officers who fought for Greek independence in 1821


1. Aggelos Ioannis from Macedonia. He served as Oplarhigos.

2. Aggelopoulos Demetrios from Naousa, Macedonia

3. Aggelopoulos Konstantinos from Macedonia.

4. Adam Georgios from Kassandra.

5. Adam Hatzi Polychronis from Macedonia.

6. Anastasiou Papadimitris from Kassandreia. He was murdered in 1824.

7. Anastasiou Christos from Thessalonike, Macedonia

8. Antoniou Garoufallos from Cassandra

9. Basileiou Apostolaras from Macedonia. He was a major.

10. Berroios Emmanouel from Macedonia. He was a captain.

11. Berroios Nanos from Macedonia.

12. Vlahavas Nikolaos from Olympos, Macedonia. He died fighting as a colonel.

13. Vlahomichelis Athanasios from Olympos, Macedonia

14. Gatzas Aggelos from Macedonia. He was a colonel.

15. Gatzas Demetrios from Macedonia. He was a lieutenant-general.

16. Germanis Ioannis from Macedonia.

17. Gerokaratasios Anastasios from Macedonia. He was a Oplarhigos.

18. Georgiou Manolis from Macedonia.

19. Grevenitis Harisis Tziogas from Grevena, Macedonia.

20. Damianovich Soterios from Macedonia

21. Deliargiris Georgios from Olympos, Macedonia. He was wounded during fighting.

22. Dimou Stolios from Macedonia.

23. Dombrovoskos Theodoros from Macedonia

24. Doubiotis Basileios from Macedonia. He was a chiliarch.

25. Doubiotis Konstantinos from Macedonia. He was an armatolos prior to the war of independence and afterwards he became a general.

26. Doubiotis D. Nikolaos from Nea Pelli Atalantis.

27. Emmanouel Ioannis from Macedonia.

28. Zakos Ioannis from Macedonia. Wounded during the war.

29. Zakos Theodoros from Macedonia.

30. Zanos P. Dionysios from Macedonia. He was in the sacred band.

31. Zachilas Georgios from Olympos, Macedonia.

32. Theodoropoulos Stefanos from Olympos, Macedonia

33. Ioannou Michael from Macedonia

34. Ioannou Nikolaos from Macedonia

35. Ioannou Nikolaos from Macedonia

36. Karamitsos Demetrios from Grevena.

37. Karamisirlis Georgios from Macedonia

38. Karabornakos Gregorios from Macedonia

39. Karabousnakis D. Gregorios from Macedonia. Later he moved to Athens.

40. Karatassios Tzamis Demetrios from Macedonia. He was a major.

41. Karitsis Anastasios from Kastoria, Macedonia

42. Kassandrianos N. Georgios from Cassandra, Macedonia. He was killed during the destruction of Psara.

43. Kassandrinos Adam Lampros from Cassandra, Macedonia.

44. Katzaros Demetrios from Macedonia

45. Kissavos Basileios from Olympos, Macedonia

46. Kokkaliotis Demetrios from Macedonia.

47. Kortzalis Symeon from Macedonia. Later he moved to Nauplio

48. Kiparissis Ananias from Macedonia

49. Kirikopoulos Berris from Macedonia. He died fighting for Greece.

50. Lazos Markos from Olympos, Macedonia

51. Lazou L. Tolias from Olympos, Macedonia

52 Lazou Tolios from Macedonia. He was an Oplarhigos

53. Lassanis Georgios from Macedonia

54. Liakopoulos Mitros from Olympos, Macedonia. He was killed in the battle of Theba.

55. Liakopoulos Nikolaos from Olympos, Macedonia.

56 Liapis Georgios from Macedonia

57. Makris Kostas from Macedonia

58. Malotzos Emmanuel from Olympos, Macedonia

59. Michael Theochares from Macedonia

60. Michalopoulos Anastasios from Macedonia

61. Molotsos Nikolaos from Olympos, acedonia

62. Mpinos Kostas from Olympos Macedonia

63. Mpiziotis Anagnostis from Olympos, Macedonia

64. Mpiziotis Goulios from Macedonia

65. Mpourmpoutziotis Nikolaos from Macedonia. He was a chiliarch.

66. Nikolaides Christos from Macedonia.

67. Nikolaou Diamantis from Macedonia.

68. Nikolaou Stergios from Macedonia

69. Olympios Georgios from Macedonia. He was commander in chief of the Danube army. He was blown up along with 2000 of his enemies in 27 Sep. 1821.

70. Olympios Goulas from Olympos, Macedonia. He was killed in Psara in 1824.

71. Olympios N. Diamantis from Macedonia.

72.Olympios Nikolaou kostas from Olympos, Macedonia

73. Olympios Nikolaou Dimos from Olympos, Macedonia

74. Panagiotou Dimos from Kastoria, Macedonia

75. Pappas Em. Athanasios from Macedonia

76. Pappas Emmanuel from Macedonia. He was commander in chief in Cassandra.

77. Pappas Em. Konstantinos from Macedonia

78. Pappas Ioannis from Macedonia

79. Pappas Nikolaos from Macedonia

80. Pappadakis Zisimos from Macedonia

81. Paraskis Athanasios from Olympos, Macedonia

82. Parvalis Gregorios from Serrai, Macedonia

83. Perraivos Stergios from Olympos, Macedonia

84. Pericles Iakovos from Olympos, Macedonia

85. Pitzavas Anagnostis from Olympos, Macedonia

86. Razelos Petros from Macedonia

87. Rezis Eustathios from Macedonia

88. Sarafianos Athanasios from Macedonia

89. Siatisteus Georgios Anastasios from Macedonia

90. Stauropoulos Georgios from Macedonia

91. Steloudis N. Ioannis from Macedonia

92. Stergiou Aggelis from Macedonia

93. Syropoulos Athanasios from Macedonia

94. Syropoulos G. Ioannis from Macedonia

95. Syropoulos G. Melios from Macedonia

96. Tzaras Panagiotis from Macedonia

97. Tourlidis Zacharias from Macedonia.

98. Tsatsaronis Ioannis from Macedonia. He died during the destruction of Psara.

99. Filippou D. Christos from thessalonike, Macedonia

100. Xalkiotis Athanasios from Macedonia

101. Stageiritis Nikolaos from Macedonia

102. Xeimentos Anastasios from Macedonia

103. Xeimentos Ioannis from Macedonia. He was a captain.

*Note that non-commisioned officers are not part of the list.

Chrusts says:

What about Ioannis Vizoulas or Vyzoulas or Vizoulis, secretary of the ethnosyneleysis from 1821 to 1826 and maybe later?

Chrusts says:

I think a research must be done about all these people from Macedonia. We must find their exact place of origin. Macedonia is not enough. We have to find place and date of birth, and date of death gor all of them. A lot of towns and villages in Macedonia don't know nothing about their local heroes.