FYROM Falsified Claim ‘ Thessalians the first Greeks to submit to Persians ‘

FYROM claim:

Herodotus (7.130) speaks of the Thessalians as the first
Greeks to come under Persian submission (although the Persians entered Macedonia first), and here using his own words, he clearly exclude the Macedonians from the Greeks. We are therefore, left with the conclusion that Herodotus did not consider the Macedonians as Greeks

Unfortunately for the deliberate intentions of FYROM propagandists to change this quote meaning,  fact is that Aleauedae of Thessaly (the ruling family) did sent an embassy to Xerxes while he was at Susa, submitting to him and issued an invitation “couched in the most urgent terms, to invade Greece” (Herodotus VII, 6). The subsequent comment by Herodotus that Xerxes remarked that the Thessalians were the first Greeks to submit to his rule refers to this action by the Aleaudae as Herodotus himself makes clear. As he makes clear also Macedonias were Greeks.