FYROM Falsified Claim ‘ There were no Greek kingdoms in antiquity therefore Macedonians couldnt be Greek’

Kingdom of Arcadia (1336 BC – 676 BC)
The kingdom of Arcadia was founded by Pelasgus. The regal government continued about eight hundred and eighty years, when it was abolished.

kingdom of Athens
Athens is generally believed to have been founded by Cecrops and he was the first kind. Some o the most famous kings of Athens were Aegeas and his son Theseas. Codros was the last king of Athens.During his reign the Dorians and Heraclidae, having regained all Peloponnesus excroached on the Attic territory. The Delphic oracle declared that they should finally prevail, if they abstained from injuring the Athenian king. When Codros learned it, he disguised himself as a peasant, went to the Dorians camp and he insulted one guard with result to be slain in combat. When Dorians understood who was the peasant, remembered the prophesy and left from Attica. The excellence of Codros was so much venerated by Atheneans, that they considered no man worthy of succeeding him, therefore they abolished royalty in Athens on 1069 BC.

Kingdom of Thebes
It was found by Cadmos, in the most despotic form of monarchy found in greece. Some of the most famous Theban kings were Laios, Oedipus with his tragic fate, Eteocles and Polynices. The two last were brothers who combated beneath the walls of Thebes and feel by each other’s sword. Beotians after the series of misfortune with their kings abolished royalty only about 300 years after the kingdom had been founded by Cadmos.


The region took its name from Thessalos and some of the most famous kings were Jason, Peleus (father of Achilles)

The kingdom of Corinth is said to be founded by Sisyphos, the son of Aeolus around 1514 BC. Sisyphos was the first king of Corinth. A famous Corinthian royal member was also Bellerophon, the son of a king of Corinth who killed chimaera. Sisyphos was an Aeolian and so did the original inhabitants of Corinth. Later after the conquest of Peloponesse from Dorians, they royal power passed to Heraclide Aletes.After Aletes and his descendants had reigned for 5 generations, royalty was abolished in Corinth and instead was established an oligarchical form of government ruled by Bacchiade. The Family was expelled in 655 BC by Cypselos who became tyrant.

The government of the Spartans was originally monarchical. The most famous of the ancient spartan kings was Tyndareos, father of Helen of Sparta, Castor and Polydeuces. Spartans were at first governed by one king but afterwards they transformed it to a dyarchy, two kings occupy the throne of Sparta.

Locris was a small kingdom that possesed the priviledge of sending deputies to the Amphictyonic court at Delphous.

Kingdom of Argos
It was formed into a kingdom around 1850 BC by Inachos. The dynasties of the Argives were the Apisidae, the Pelopidae and the Heraclidae whom Macedonian kings are descended from. After a succession of kings, whose reigns extended to about 800 years the Argives abolished royalty.

Kingdom of Epirus
Neoptolemus, the son of Achilles after the trojan war came to Epirus and became the first king. Most famous Epirotan kings were Admetos, Tharympas, Alexandros and Pyrrhos. Deidamia the daughter of Pyrrhos II was the last descedant of the Aecidae royal family and a little later Epirus became a province of Rome.

The island was divided among several petty sovereign kingdoms until the time of Cyrus the Great. Cyrus subdued them but left them in possesion of their respective kingdoms, obliging them to pay an annual tribute. The most famous kings of Cyprus were Evagoras and Onesilaos.