Greek Encyclopaedia “Helios” of 19th Dec. 1947

Another evidence that shatters the totally absurb claims of FYROM propaganda about banning of the term “Macedonia” in Greece prior to 1988 is “Helios”. “Helios” was a Greek Encyclopaedia whose full title was “Neoteron Egkyclopaediko Lexikon Helios”.

It was renamed from “The Weekly Encyclopaedic Review ‘Helios’ and it was published in Athens between 1945 and 1960. In its edition of 19th Dec. 1947, it had a long article about the undisputed Greek character of Macedonia with the title…Macedonia!!!! All of these of course in a country where according to FYROM propagandists the use of the name “Macedonia”  was….strictly forbiden!!

helios makedones ellines

Tr: The third Greek power, Macedonians.

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