letters from 1836 of Baron K. Mpelios about Macedonia

Baron Konstantinos Mpelios was a Macedonian who worked hardly for Macedonia after the time of the Greek revolution. He became known as a benefactor, mostly helping poor families in Macedonia. I found some letters he wrote as back as 1836 to eminent Greeks and Macedonians who migrated to Greece after the establishment of the Greek kingdom.

His letters are quite interesting because:
– its clear the term “Macedonians” around 1836 is used solely for Greeks,

– Macedonians consider Greece as their country

– He and the rest of Macedonians consider themselves as the descendants of Aristotel and Alexander the Great who “spread Greek thought in Asia”,

– There is a considerable number of Macedonians who migrated to the liberated Greek soil and founded cities, reminding intensively Macedonia, ie Nea Pella of Lokris.

– He used in his letters his own seal. Take a look at it in an enlarged picture.