FYROM journalist expresses territorial ambitions

Vecer, FYROM: Todor Aleksandrov is the greatest butcher of the ‘Macedonian’ people

8 March 2008 | 11:49 | FOCUS News Agency
Skopje. A comment by FYROM’s journalist Vladimir Tulevski, which contains insults for Bulgaria and Greece, is published in today’s issue of the Vecer daily.

The story, entitled ‘Bucharest 1913 – 2008’, links the forthcoming NATO summit in Bucharest in April with the signing of the peace treaty in Bucharest in 1913, ‘when Greece stole Macedonia’s largest part – Aegean Macedonia.. Now the contract has to be revisited and a review has to be made for the shady games of Greece, not only linked to the changing of our name, but also with the fact that it is trying to ensure permanent reign of the Macedonian lands, which is illegally under its occupation’, Tulevski writes.
‘’I wanted to comment on another piece of bad news, the one with the arrival of a group of Tatars from Sofia to Veles and the opening of a monument of Todor Alexandrov, the greatest butcher of the Macedonian people. The ceremony was a paid provocation, held under the guidance of the political clown from the Bulgarian Parliament Krasimis Karakachanov’, the story reads.


Politis says:

Euxaristw. To brika to arthro, alla ti leei sxetika me auto? Oso gia ton Vladimir Tulevski, to mono onoma pou brika eitan Vladimir Talevski kai einai dimarkos ton Bitolion (Bitolia) Euxaristw.