Modern writers about the Bulgarian origin of FYROMs Slavs - Francis Seymour Stevenson

Taken from the book “History Of Montenegro” by Francis Seymour Stevenson, 1914

In page 24 we can find:

Stevenson makes it explicit that the Ethnicities suffering from the extension of Serbian state were Greeks, Magyars, Shkipetars and Bulgarians since unfortunately for the usual propagandists of fYROM, these were the only Ethnicities of the region.

Its even interesting to witness the fact Stevenson mentions Skoplje when it became the new capital on the Wardar but still there were found No “Macedonians” there but obviously Bulgarians!!!!

In page 96 we can find the issue related to the ethnicities using the Cyrilic alphabet which as the footnote states, it was being used only by Russians, Serbs, Roumanians and Bulgarians since again there is No “Macedonian ethnicity”!!

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