John G. Leishman, US Ambassador to the Sublime Porte (1900 - 1908)

Tagepost 15 August 1903:
“The Bitola pashalik has been took over by general common
movement. Krushevo has saluted the BULGARIAN banner and
wants temporary to proclaim a republic”.
Istambul, August 15, 1903:
The political situation in Macedonia continues to grow worse each week.[…]
The real foundation for all the trouble is the desire of the BULGARIAN
population for freedom from Turkish rule
, and were the powers to say to Bulgaria what they have already said to Turkey, “that under no conditions
would she be permitted to take one foot on additional soil”, the trouble
would be speedily ended , but this they will not do, and consequently the
twentieth century crusade against the Turks is likely to go on, as no power,
not excepting Germany, is to brave public opinion openly taking sides with
the Turks against the Christians”.

September 19, 1903:
“The Bulgarian government is in most delicate position…. and unless the
powers should intervene Bulgaria will be forced openly to embrace the
Macedonian cause. … I am quite of the opinion that the people in Bulgaria
will revolt against the government unless something be done…” writes the
American ambassador at the Porte, Leishman

John G. Leishman, US Ambassador to the Sublime Porte (serving 1900 - 1908)
to John Hay, American Secretary of State.Source: U.S. Deaprtment of State.
Diplomatic Despatches. Despatches from U.S. Ministers to Turkey, 1818 -
1906. National Archives Publications, M46, Roll 72, July 5 - October 29,

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