Protocol of Macedonians in New Pella, written in 1845

We have already adressed in this blog, the fact that a large number of Macedonians after the breakdown of the Greek revolution in Macedonia, fled from their native lands and scattered in the newly emerged kingdom of Greece.

These Macedonian refugees founded settlements, like New Pella in Atalanti where its evident even of the settlement’s name, the love and nostalgia about their ancestral lands.

In 20th August of 1845, a protocol was written by these Macedonians and sent later to the Greek ministry of Home Department.  The infos were taken from the collection of Mr Chionidis while the original protocol exists in the manuscript section of the National Library of Athens. Its evident from the protocol, all Macedonians were of course Greeks back in 1845.

Here is the first page from a photocopy of the original paper.

Following a clear read of the photocopy. Notice the use of the term Macedonia and its derivatives in the protocol.

Furthemore, the names signed are clearly all Greek. Its also quite interesting the names of a couple of these Macedonians. For instance, one Macedonian signed in this protocol has the surname Perdiccas, in other words the same name with the ancient Macedonian King Perdiccas, founder of the Macedonian kingdom.

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