Henry Kissinger considers Skopjans as Bulgarians and warns of tragedy in Balkans

The following are statements made by the infamous Henry Kissinger on 5th of April 1999 on CNBC show “Hardball”.  Read carefully what H. Kissinger says:

When the US engages itself in war, there is no substitute for victory, and we have to do what is necessary to prevail. I frequently expressed doubts before we went in there about whether the US should make the Balkans a central point of its foreign policy. But now that we are in, I believe that we have to do what is necessary, and if that requires ground troops, we have to send ground troops”.

When asked what would winning look like in this context. Dr. Kissinger said:

“In this context, it means the removal of Serbian combat forces from Kosovo, the return of refugees and the establishment of some international status for Kosovo that is under some sort of international supervision. Nothing else can now work.”, and added “Serbia is a country of less than 10 million population with poor resources and not very effective army except against unarmed civilians.”

“After the ethnic cleansing and after the aerial bombardment, you cannot ask the refugees to return to Serbian sovereignty. We all talk about self-government for Kosovo. But the Balkans is a whole mixture of ethnic groups that have been thrown together there by a succession of wars. Once the objective in Kosovo has been reached, that will open the chapter of Macedonia, because in Macedonia, there are 800,000 Albanians and it’s going to be a problem to deny them what has just been granted to the Albanians in Kosovo“.

” And when that happens, the Slavs in Macedonia who are almost exclusively Bulgarians, will raise their demands. And so we may face the disintigration of another country. And therefore , the administration absolutly requires some strategy for political settlement of all of the Balkan issues before we are being dragged step by step into becoming the successor of the empires that used to govern there and who had atleast one thing in common, that they were hated by the populations over whom they ruled.”

“Once we have achieved self-government for the people of Kosovo, which I now support, this is not the end of the story. Then we have to consider what happens , to the many ethnic clans that exist in the Balkans to avoid being triggered into crisis after crisis by this sort of issue and especially by the issues that will emerge in Macedonia and maybe even in northern Greece.“, concluded Dr. Kissinger.


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