Foreign Newspapers about Macedonia Part II

February 04 1915 - Manitoba Morning Free Press about the RACES OF MACEDONIA. Of course No “ethnic Macedonians”

August 23 1906 - “The Atlanta Constitution”. Turks acknowledge Greeks and Bulgarians in Macedonia that are being persecuted. No sign of “Ethnic Macedonians” either.

January 06 1906 “The Washington Post” …. Macedonia had ONLY Greek, Bulgarian and Serbian Revolutionary bands

June 03 1905 The Washington Post - Again Bulgarian and Serbian bands.

November 15 1912 “Wichita Daily Times” - the population of Macedonia is composed in about equal parts of Greeks and Slavs (Bulgarians and Serbs)

May 11 1903 “The Trenton Times”

May 11 1903 “Naugatuck Daily News”

May 11 1903 “Manitoba Morning Free Press”

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