1903- Macedonians verify their Greekness and appeal to European powers


Appeal of Macedonians to European Powers


The Macedonians of Athens and of the Piraeus 

see that the Bulgarians from the other side of the Balkans covet Macedonia, a country which has always been Hellenic, and that they strive to falsify the history and ethnography of their country. Finding themselves unable by this means to induce a belief in a Bulgarian Macedonia, they have had recourse to the assassin’s knife and the anarchist’s dynamite. 

For this reason the Macedonians of Athens and of Peiraeus assembled in general meeting, have adopted the following resolutions :—
To protest against the appaling state of affairs created by the bands of Brigans from Bulgaria, which only aim to destroy by fire and sword everything in our country which appertains to Hellenic nationality.
To protest against the false statistics, the figures of which are intentionally altered in order to mislead European public opinion. 

To protest against the shedding of the blood of their breathen, cruelly murdered by
Bulgarian bands, and against the pillaging, burning, and destruction of their villages.
They assure the Powers that if the Macedonians, who have suffered so cruelly from the Bulgarians, had taken up arms, not one of these bands would now be desolating their country. They did not do so, because they did not wish to disturb the peace of Europe, and because they did not believe that Europe would have permitted such crimes to take place under its eyes.

 Finally, they declare that the Macedonians, indignant at such a state of things being prolonged, will feel compelled to take up arms in order to defend their brethren against the brigands from Bulgaria.  


Acting under this idea, they beseech Europe, in her compassion, to deign to protect their unhappy country against Ihe Bulgarian scoundrels by putting an end to a state of affairs which is a disgrace to humanity.
The Commission:
Thomas Stourou, Professor (Monastir).
 Shridion Zaphiriou, Student (Satonica).
Jean Basdekis, Merchant (Meteniko).
Naoum P. Tsistinopoulos, Shin Merchant (Kastoria)
 D. Lazoff {from the Olympus of Macedonia)
Pericles P« Papanaoum, Professor (Croussovou)
Dr. Etienne J. Mandrinos (of Klissoura),
Dr Theokharis Ch. Yeroyannis (Stagira)
Nicolas Clinias, Professor (Cossani)


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fg says:

“Γελάει ο μωρός κι αν μη τι γελοίον εστί”, that means “laughs the moron, even when there’s nothing laughable”…

Dominikos Petalakis says:

Good article. We laughed to tears. Keep on.