Greek School books prior to 1988 - Another Fyromian falsification falls apart

All those from you who attend occasionally in internet forums, i am certain while “discussing” Greece-FYROM relations you will have been bored to death witnessing FYROMians to provide ad naseum the same pics from a Greek Geography school book of 1977. The FYROMian usual silly argument is something like “Look what Greeks were learning in their schools prior to 1988”.

Lets check out now what Greeks were also learning in their Geography school books prior to 1988.

Cover of a Greek Geography School Book of 1978.

What a Greek student can find inside!!!

Points of Interest:

1. The term “Macedonia” is used SOLELY for the greek province of Macedonia.

2. The well-known Fyromian LIE claiming that Greece prohibited the usage of the term “Macedoniaprior to 1988 is shattered, unfortunately for fyromian propagandists.

3. The well-known Fyromian LIE that Greece used the term “Northern Territories” everywhere officially instead of ‘Macedonia‘ is again smashed, sadly for fyromian propaganda.

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