Time Magazine Archives smash Fyrom’s propaganda

What was going on? The Greek Governor General of Macedonia [USE OF TERM “MACEDONIA” BY THE GREEK STATE PRIOR TO 1989 - ONE MORE LIE FROM FYROM EXPOSED] said that no refugees were streaming into Yugoslavia, charged that Slav terrorists were raiding Greek villages. From Rome the Chicago Daily News’s Balkan-wise Leigh White cabled: Marshal Tito had apparently launched his long-planned drive to expand federal Yugoslavia at the expense of Greek Macedonia. From Athens the New York Times’s European Chief Cyrus Sulzberger reported: “There is a pattern behind these events linked to the politically homogeneous Governments of Greece’s three northern neighbors [Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Albania], who are all ideologically tied to the Soviet Union.” Was Russia, through her Balkan satellites, resuming a historic push toward a warm-water port on the Aegean Sea?”

Monday, Jul. 23, 1945

“During the Greek civil war (1946-49). when Communists burned, looted and terrorized in northern Greece, the Reds kidnaped some 40,000 Greeks and carried them off to the satellite countries. The prisoners are now beginning to come back. The move began as a trickle from Yugoslavia (now Greece’s ally), then more came from Hungary, Rumania, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria. By last week the number of refugees repatriated by the Communists had reached 3,600.”

Time, Monday, Feb. 28, 1955

“In Salonika last week, the huge concert studio of Radio Macedonia had been turned into a makeshift courtroom.” [USE OF TERM “MACEDONIA” BY THE GREEK STATE PRIOR TO 1989 - ONE MORE LIE FROM FYROM EXPOSED]

Monday, Mar. 22, 1948

The Russian-controlled Sofia radio, meanwhile, broadcast an appeal to ELAS to try its hostages as “war criminals,” enemies of the people of Athens. It also launched a drive for an autonomous Macedonia (which might include Greece’s No. 2 port of Salonika), with a capital at Skoplje—which is in Yugoslavia.” [ANY COMMENT FROM THE GREEK COMMUNIST PARTY KKE??]

Monday, Jan. 29, 1945

Partitioning of Greece is foreshadowed by the deportation of thousands of Greeks from Thrace and Macedonia, by an influx of Bulgarians to occupy the abandoned homes and farms.”

Monday, Nov. 24, 1941

“In Geneva, Switzerland, the World Committee of the Y. M. C. A. met and figured up the value of its properties—$193,236,000. To the National Council in the U. S. it reported that of these holdings $154,542,000 were in this country. In 52 countries served by the Y. M. C. A., more than 7,000 officers are employed; in the U. S. alone more than 5,000. Coincident with this report was the arrival in the U. S. of Gennadios, Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Thessalonica and Archbishop of Macedonia[USE OF TERM “MACEDONIA” BY THE GREEK STATE PRIOR TO 1989 - ONE MORE LIE FROM FYROM EXPOSED], for an inspection of Y. M. C. A. activities here.”

Monday, Apr. 05, 1926

“The Greek Government crisis was weathered.

Out walked Premier Papanastasiou (TIME, July 28) and in trotted Premier Sofoulis, ex-Governor of Macedonia, followed by five staunch supporters: ”
Monday, Aug. 04, 1924

By Ioannes Gregoriades.

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