Bulgarian National Tv Crew arrested in FYROM for… threatening the national security of FYROM

Bulgarian National TV Crew Arrested in FYROM’s Bitola

By Margarita Stoyancheva
15 August 2008, Friday

The three members of a crew of the Bulgarian National Television have been detained for several hours by the police authorities in FYROM’s city of Bitola on Friday.

The director Konstantin Chakarov and two operators were arrested while taking some views of the city over allegedly threatening the national security of the country, the statement of the officers read.

“We were filming views of Bitola from a high point to include them in our movies about the First and the Second Balkan Wars, when two patrols arrived, the policemen took our personal documents and started interrogating us,” Director Chakarov explained.

“Then, they took the three of us to a police station and asked who we were, where we came from and watched all the video and picture materials we had shot,” he added.

“Later, the Bulgarian consul to Bitola, Iliyan Karamanov, appeared and then they released us, seizing ten of the pictures that threatened FYROM’s national security as they showed a secret base,” Chakarov ended.


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