Document of 1946 reveals the attempt to manufacture a “Macedonian” Ethnicity

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The Translation in English.

State archive-Blagoevgrad, f. 242,op. 1, a.e. 25, l. 50.
Държавен архив-Благоевград, ф. 242, оп. 1, а.е. 25, л. 50.


To Majors of the area

Promptly call the controllers and counters and tell them [that] when writing the row 13 from the household card and row 5 of the household page B the nationality should be written MACEDONIAN [with the] exception being Jews, Gypsies, Turks and Bulgarians arrived from the landscape of Bulgaria. Bulgarian Mohammedans should be written by nationality Macedonians without difference whether they are from there or across R.Mesta


27 XII 1946
Ci. of Nevrokop Are. Administrator LAKOV

A telephonogram of the Area administrator to Majors in Nevrokopo area (today’s Goce Delčev) for practice of administrative approach in case of the statistical enumeration of the Bulgarian population. An original. A machine writing. Nevrokop, 27 Dec. 1946 y.

State archive-Blagoevgrad, f. 242,op. 1, a.e. 25, l. 50.

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