Ridiculous Skopjan propaganda regarding the so-called ‘Macedonian church’

Along with lies and myths claimed by Skopje’s spin doctors and revisionist historians about ancient and modern history, there exists a calculated alteration of facts regarding their church which was created in 1967 and is not recognized by any other Christian denomination by the name it wants which is ‘The Orthodox Church of Macedonia’. In the same breath, we find that they believe St. Paul preached to them and not the real Macedonians (i.e. the Greeks); they believe Sts. Cyril and Methodius were ‘Slavo-Macedonians’ and the Glagolitic alphabet these saints created was not Old Church Slavonic but simply ‘Macedonian’, and they also believe that St. Clement of Achrida was ‘Slavo-Macedonian’.

The following is from pg. 14 of the book ‘ ‘Macedonian Things’ and ‘Irredentist Things’ ‘ by Chysostomos Papastavros, published in 2008. It shows a calendar published by the FYROM Ministry for Expatriates aimed at the ‘enslaved by the Greeks’ Aegean Macedonians in Kastoria, Greece. The ridiculous borders on insanity as one realizes that all the saints pictures were displayed as reverse or mirror images of the original Greek. This mirage was intended to create an impression that the saints’ names and other holy writings were indeed in a Cyrillic alphabet which then they claim as the original ‘Macedonian’. But when the image is displayed prperly (bottom left), one can clearly see the Greek writing ‘O Ayios Klimis’ or ‘Saint Clement’!!!


Church in the monastery of Saints Anargyroi in Kastoria, Greece built in 1084 A.D. The facade of the iconastasis was made in 1453 A. D. Please note the ‘Aeparthenon’ sun of the Virgin Mary at the base of the cross. This was the Sun of Artemis and the Sun of the Macedonian Dynasty (Sun of Vergina) in the pre-Christian era and shows that this symbol has been Greek for thousands of years!

Many thanks to Christos

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Stelios says:

and they call themselves Christians


Good work Admin

These people are semi-human at best, they would murder their own parents for the world to believe they are really Macedonians


theonoa says:

ειναι για γελια οι ανθρωποι-ΓΕΛΙΟΙ!!!