Skopjans during WWII – Revealing videos and photos

Thanks to Giannis V. for sending us the following videos and pictures.

Ohrid inhabitants welcoming the Bulgarian army as Liberators!!! Bulgarians during WWII were collaborators with fascist Germany!!

Bitolia 1942. Anniversary of the “Liberation”

Skopje. April 1942. King Boris III square


A picture is worth a thousand words




Boris in Skopje

“Long Live the Awakened Macedonian Bulgarian” (front sign)
“Commune of Lopatica, Bitola” (back sign)

From left to right:
“The Macedonian village, bastion of the Bulgarian spirit
“Greetings from the bread-giving fields of fighters Macedonia”
Bulgaria is our most precious possession

By Giannis V.

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Roxane says:

Skopjians are by virtue born SNITCHES then and now!
Pity,to have them as neighbours!

The reader says:

Well thats hard facts that the vardarskan aka skopjans killed many that was not pro theyr thinking.
I bet alot of Crimes have been made by them and Geneva must to open these file.

Ariadni_Nefeli says:

Άψογο υλικό!