The 1878 Greek Revolution in Macedonia

More myths created by Skopje are shattered by the following passages:

1) Again, the claim that there was not a Greek movement for liberation from Turkey is a complete lie.

2) The claim that there were no Greeks in Monastiri (Bitolia) is also a complete lie.

From the book: ‘Macedonia, The Macedonian Struggle, Greece-Macedonia 4000 Years’, Copyright 1992 by Aegean Publications, page 94:

The [Greek] revolution [against the Ottoman Empire] in Macedonia had started in 1878 from [Litohoro] Olympus and spread all over West and North Macedonia. On Mt. Olympus it was sunk in blood [by the Turks] wheras in all other regions it developed, got settled, and prevailed. The Macedonian countryside had been liberated, and in the urban centers, the Turkish army panicked and would not get out of their barracks…The war-chiefs had reached all the way up to Krousovo and Perlepe. Centers could be found in Bourino, Grammos, Mouriki, Siniatsiko, Vitsi, Prespes, Peristeri, Morihovo, Tikfes, and Demir Kapon. They threatened to disperse every authority and Ottoman domination even in Monastiri. In 1878 they almost entered Kastoria. In 1881 they stepped in Florina. In the territory of Morihovo…the capital city was Gradenitsa, which was later burned by the [Bulgarian] komitatzis. In Monastiri in 1878, the first organized revolutionary group appeared which decided to go up into the mountains…All these war chiefs had lain their weapons before the feet of the Greek consulate in Monastiri [and the Greek Consul Petros Logothetis] to be registered by, taken care of, and disposed of by Hellenism.

Below is an original letter written by Greek Consul General in Monastiri to the Greek Government in Athens. Page 102:

The Greek Consul in Monastiri, Petros Logothetis, writes to the Greek government that the local chiefs of arms had placed their arms at his disposal. This proves that the action was purely Greek.

This whole movement was started by Evangelos Korovangos and was secretly aided by Konstantinos Vatikiotis who was the General Consul of Greece in Thessaloniki from 1866 - 1881.

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