Skopjan propadanda “Greek nation is an artificial creation and there were NO Greeks before 19th c.”

One of the most ignorant FYROMian theories floating around, and perpetuated by their self declared ‘scholars’ in their diaspora, is the notion that the Greek state was manufactured by foreign powers and that Greece’s independence movement was not an indigenous grass roots phenomenon driven by Greeks themselves.

This theory is constantly promoted by many FYROM nationalists including the comical self styled “history expert” Risto Stefov who makes the following claims:

[I wont post links to these articles, anyone interested in seeing the whole article can simply google the phrases]

Well, perhaps the genius Stefov and his minions can explain the following letter.

This letter was written in 1790 by “Deputies of the Greek Islands” to the Empress of Russia asking for assistance to free Greece from the Turks. In return they offered the Greek throne to her Grandson Constantine. They were conscious of an ancient Greek heritage and they were conscious of the Greek nation – concepts that Stefov and his uneducated minions claim were artificially manufactured post 19th century! Above all this letter destroys the FYROMian position that Greece was artificially manufactured since it clearly illustrates one example of a grass roots movement to free Greece .

Also notice that in this example Greeks were asking for help from the Russians. Stefov and his uneducated minions claim that Greece was artificially created to block the same Russians from the Mediterranean!

By Chiotis

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