1829, Voyage militaire dans l’empire Ottoman by Baron Felix d’ Bojeaur

A testimony from 1829 for the use of the Greek toponyms Loudias and Axios in Macedonia. As for the non-Greek inhabitants,they were either Turks or Bulgarians.

<Thessaloniki which is called vulgarly Saloniki>,not Solun of course.

Thessaloniki is considered as one of the most important cities of Greece (in a time that didn’t exist officially a Greek state) and its population is consisted of Turks, Greeks and Jews.

Again Greek toponyms are mentioned; Florina instead Lerin, Castoria instead Kostur, Monastir instead Bitola and Haliacmon instead Bistritza.But more important are the last lines of the page: <They are the most beautiful soldiers of Macedonia and the soldiers of Macedonia are the most beautiful soldiers of Greece>.

Here are mentioned some villages on the road from Istip to Keuperli and from Keuperli to Scopje whose inhabitants are Bulgarian Christians.



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