FYROM’s Propaganda Techniques #1 - The Victim Card

These series of articles will expose to public eyes how FYROM’s Propaganda works. Especially the massive one used in the internet by FYROM’s propagandists with sole aim to deceive the readers while misrepresenting and manipulating well-evidenced historical events to fit their petty nationalistic agenda. It is sometimes hard for the unsuspected reader who is frequently confronted by deceitful attempts to believe false claims disguised to sound truthful. These series of articles aim to familiarise you with techniques of FYROM’s Propaganda so that you become able to assess the strength of any argument you may encounter and thus determine of its validity.

I am certain none of you has missed tens of FYROM’s internet warriors whinning in internet forums about being the “victim” of an alleged Foreign agenda (the “bullies” labeled by FYROM’s propagandists tend to change each time accordingly to whom they want to diminish) towards him and his people both in the past and present. In fact this soap drama has been played intensively over and over that is has becoming one of the most usual and predictable ways of Conduct from Skopjans during a discussion.

The most important reason for this attitude lies in the fact that the mainstream mind in FYROM, has been imposed to consider himself and his people to be the actual, true victims of history. It has become an Inferiority Complex to the average mind in FYROM. In fact that is exactly how they have been raised to believe either by their family environment or by their educational system. This certainly pressuposes that being themselves the victims, the “others” will be usually portrayed as the “perpetrators” and will be somehow easier to diminish them. These two perspectives always go hand by hand and will always be a backward factor of this relatively new state. The worst perspective remains that the constant repeating of this action has transformed these people sadly into believing it.

Unfortunately for our wannabe propagandists, it doesnt work. Attempting to play the Victim card with the intention to create pity for evidence in an argument is simply futile. Playing the victim does not serve as evidence for a claim nor it does constitute a substitute for evidence to anyone, except of the poor minds of the propagandists who use them.

By Nikolaos M.

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