When one studies genetics at a population level, one should not use one gene as a comparator. By doing so, they are using biased methods that will lead to misleading results. By chance, one gene may be similar between two totally different populations – simply BY CHANCE. One has to analyze MANY genes in order to link populations.

What did Arnaiz-Villena and his Skopjean partners do?

Well one way to simplify their analysis is the following: If we imagine that populations are animals, and if we analyze how similar they are one from another, we can understand how flawed Arnaiz-Villena’s analysis really is. Let’s say that FYROMians are tigers, Greeks are elephants, Ethiopians are dolphins, and other Europeans are various four legged land mammals. According to Arnaiz-Villena and his colleagues:

But elephants are like dolphins…

You can see how ridiculous this logic is. In reality, elephants are closer to other land mammals because they live on land, have four legs, and don’t have a blowhole. But if one were to only look at the colour gray, then he/she can make the assumption that elephants are closer to dolphins!

How did the scientific community react to Arnaiz-Villena’s flawed science? See Dr. Cavalli-Sforza’s letter of complaint to Nature, one of the largest and most respected scientific journals:

As Greeks…as human beings, we protest this horrendous use of hate and racism directed at us by ultra-nationalists in FYROM and its diaspora. We wish to express our view to them that calling us “blacks from sub-Saharan Africa” is not demeaning to us. Ethiopians are an admirable people with a rich culture and long history. Most are fellow Orthodox Christians and we share religious ties too. If FYROM’s ultra-nationalists feel that by calling us blacks (using inherently racist and flawed pseudoscience) we will be bothered then maybe they should come to terms with their own racism and dreams of blond racial purity.

By Christos

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Alexandros says:

A very thorough approach is done is this genetics article: “Genetics Studies in the Greek Population vs Pseudoscience”,….

Alexandros says:

A much more scientific approach disproves Arnaiz-Villena. Read the article here: "Genetics Studies in the Greek Population vs Pseudoscience",….

Bibliophile says:

As much as I hate to say it, I must! Christos, you are a moron!

Yes, Monkeys from Vardar call Greek Macedonians -- Ethiopians. As a Macedonian, for me that is reason for PRIDE, not for offense. Here is why:
1. Perseus, legendary King of Mycena was married to Andromeda, the Ethiopian Princess.
2. Herakles the legendary hero was great-grandson of Perseus.
3. Karanus of Macedon was Heracleidae, son of Temenus.
4. Temenus was son of Aristomachus (Heracleidae also).
5. Aristomachus was great-grandson of Herakles.
6. Alexander the Great was 24th generation from Karanus.
7. The Ethiopian mutation is not present in the DNA of Slavs, but is present in the DNA of Greek Macedonians.

Sometimes, you have to know how to interpret Genetic Reports. Yes, Greeks don't have the same DNA as Monkeydonians. As I said numerous times before. They can have the flag (Hellenic symbol), they can have the name (Hellenic name), they can have the lands (Hellenic lands), BUT they will never have the blood and moral traits. What does that make them? FAKERS!
Sometimes, injuries can be reason for pride.
The best way to counter propagandistic lies is with truth and apparently, it is true that Perseus existed and was married to the Ethiopian Princess called Andromeda.