The Arnaiz-Villena Theory: Another Skopjean Myth Exposed and Explained PART II

In their follow-up paper, an explanation was provided for the first paper’s findings, probably because when one submits a manuscript to a scientific journal, there are word limits and they thus required a second paper to describe their theories in greater detail. It is clear that they understand their findings are against all historical evidence when they claim that there needs to be a revision of history in order to fit in their theories.

Another completely ridiculous assumption is how the Japanese seem to be related to sub-Saharans as well. Using their faulty analysis, they link the Japanese to Ethiopians and Greeks and show it in a figure in their paper BUT DO NOT MENTION IT ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE REST OF THE PAPER. This explanatory hypothetical paper completely ignores this finding!

The authors of these 2 manuscripts take their pseudoscience a step further trying to explain that because there are Greeks who “Negroid” genes, their theory of black ancestry in Greeks is true!

First of all, Greeks are not the only “Caucasians” to carry “Negroid” genes. All humans “races” (for lack of a better word) have “Negroid” genes in their DNA. The origin of the human race is well known to have come from Africa. Arnaiz-Villena and his team’s theories do not hold water based on their assumption.

At the end of their papers, they provide references that they used to explain their hypothesis. Not only do they misquote Herodotus, they use Bernal’s Afro-centric theory to link the Greeks directly to Africans. M. Bernal views can be viewed as skewed and politically motivated to counter 19th Century white racism against Africans. His book Black Athena was not well received in the academic community. In fact, in 2003, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (a non-profit US educational organization comprised of over 50 000 academics) listed Black Athena as one of the worst books of the twentieth century.

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