Skopjan Irredentist Dreams about Thessalonike

The following pic is taken from a FYROM’s site. The article was written about 2 years ago and it shows explicitly the Irredentist dreams of Skopjans against Greek sovereignty and the anti-Greek feelings promoted in every possible way in FYROM. Notice the flag of FYROM on the top of White Tower in Thessalonike.

A small but quite revealing part of the Text:

“Remembering ‘Solun’

Yesterday it was exactly 94 years ago that Macedonia has lost the city of ‘Solun’ to the Greeks officially. It was on the day when the Greeks conquered Macedonia’s biggest city and expelled the Macedonians living there.”

By Samios Makedonas

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Perry Menexis says:

To the people from the Republic of Skopje I want to say: go back to school and learn your history and geography lessons. Macedonia always has been Greek, so the city of Thessaloniki has been deliberated by the Greek. According to the locals the name of the Macedonian capital is Thessaloniki.