Panagioti Soutsou – Ta Apanta, 1851

Another proof that the Greeks used the regional name <Makedones> already since the middle 19th century.I’ve seen many Scopians claiming that <the rise of the Greek Macedonian identity is something recent,purely political and connected with the name dispute> .This book below dating from 1851 mentions the Greek regional names Macedonians (Μακεδόνες),Epirotans (Ηπειρώται) and Thessalians (Θεσσαλοί).It’s the text of a theatrical work where the author calls those Greeks who were still under Ottoman rule to uprise against the Turks by the phrase: <Τo arms, Epirotans! Τo arms, Macedonians!Τo arms, Thessalians!In your sacred lands 3 centuries already passed,slaves and silent>.

By Kostas68

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