Inscribed Stone of around 688 AD speaks about Slavs, the Enemies of Thessalonike

The inscribed stone of Thessalonike has been discovered in August 1907 in the excavations of the northern courtyard of the kasimie mosque, which is the former temple of St Demetrios. The inscribed stone has to do with the emperor Justinian II who granted it to the church of St Demetrios along with gifts, in Thessalonica in gratitude for aid given by the champion of the city against the invading Slavs. Possibly it is about 688 AC in which Justinian II had the victorious campaigns against Slavs.

The original greek script with a few notes.

The Translation of the inscription in English:

1 Divine gift granted to the holy and all-glorious martyr Demetrius by the Lord of the whole universe, Flavius Justinianus, the God-crowned and peace-maker Emperor, of the salina of our God-guarded

2 city of Thessalonica, at the time of Peter, its holiest archbishop. In the name of the Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, our God and Saviour, the autocrat peaceable benefactor, Flavius

3 Justinianus, the faithful Emperor in Jesus Christ the Lord: gift to the holy church of the saint and glorious great martyr Demetrius, in which reposes his holy relic. Always having eager thought

4 concerning the support of the holy churches of God, we wish to grant them that which contributes to their consolation and effective maintenance. Therefore

5 we are convinced that God who has crowned us is always the benevolent champion of our piety and most abundantly grants victories to us. Thus, since we have come

6 to this city of Thessalonica, according to the powerful aid of God who has crowned us; since we have obtained the helpful support of the holy great martyr

7 Demetrius, in various wars which we had made against his and our own enemies, we, having thought that it would be just to recompense

8- 9 him now as our ally, who manifestly gives his particular aid to those who are even out of the city, by gifts of gratitude, grant to his holy church in which reposes his holy relic, the whole salina lying near by in this great city of the Thessaloncans with all

10 rights which have been connected with it from the beginning, in order that this holy church shall be possessor of that salina, beginning with the month of September of the current

11 second indiction, and its lord and master for all following and everlasting years; and that all this (salina) shall be taken (by the church) for its own profit, for the purpose of illumination and daily sustenance of

12 the God-loved clergy and for all (other) needs of the clergy; as well as for the purpose of the restoration of the said holy church. This glorious church, that is to say . . .

14 the God-loved clergy must not, by any means, give or intend (to give) to any military person whatsoever the right of using the salina which has been granted by our serenity; because as has been said, this whole free salina has been granted by us to it (to the church) for the purpose of illumination (and daily sustenance) of the God-loved clergy as well as for other

15 ecclesiastical needs, in order that the holy great martyr Demetrius being unin-termittingly worshipped may always intercede

16 for our pious Empire with God who has crowned us . . . only of this our pious gift.

It is clear from the inscribed stone that contrary to modern fabrications spread by FYROM’s propaganda, both Thessaloniceans and the Byzantine Emperor Justinian had of course nothing to do with Slavs but instead Slavs were “their own Enemies”!!!

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